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So I have six coins right over here, and these are all United States coins, we're counting money in the United States for these examples, and what is this first coin? Well, this is called a quarter, or a quarter-dollar, so it represents 25 cents, and we could write it out as 25 cents, but I'll just keep that one like that.

Counting American coins

Now this one's another quarter, so it is also going to be 25 cents. Now this one looks different, but it's just the other side of these coins. This is what the other side looks like.

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So this is also going to be 25 cents. These are three quarters right over here.

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So how much money do these three quarters represent? Well, it's going to be 25 plus 25, which is 50, plus 25, which is going to be 75, so these three quarters are going to be 75 cents. And remember, cents make a dollar, so this is still less than one dollar.

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But we're not done yet. We have this nickel, this is a nickel right over here, that represents five cents, and then we have another nickel here, it looks different, but it's just the other side, this is the head side, this is the tail side.

Counting Money Games

So this is also another five cents, and so these two nickels, if you add them together, they are going to represent 10 cents, and then finally, you have a penny, and a penny, and it even says it right over here, is one cent, in fact, they all say it here, this is five cents, this is one cent. So this right over here's gonna be one cent. So what is 75 plus 10 plus 1? Well 75 plus 10 is 85, plus 1 is 86, so this is equal to courses how to make money on the Internet cents.

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And if it felt a little bit too fast to count up 25, 50, 75 in your head, you could also add them up. You could add them up this way, and then what would you get?

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So you could get 86 cents, either way. Let's do one that has even more coins in it. So here we go, we have, so what is it, what's going on here?

This right over here is a quarter, that's going to be 25 cents. A dime represents 10 cents, so we have two dimes, where we can have those each represent 10 cents, then we have two nickels, we've already seen those each represent five cents, so 5 and 5, and then we have four pennies, one, two, three, four.

Clear All Counting Money Games Understanding money is important to prepare your tiny tots for a commercial world. Children learn about the different coins and their relation with each other. Further on, they practice with fun money problems by counting coins and calculating the change in a transaction.

Now we could put each penny separately, like that, or we could say, look, four pennies, each of them represent one cent, so that's going to be four cents. So let me do how to make coins video money that way. So, this one, two, three, four, that's going to be four cents.

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And then we could just add everything up, so 5 plus 0 plus 0 plus 5 is 10, plus 5 is 15, plus 4 is So it's five tens, five tens and nine ones, so 59 cents. This right over here is 59 cents.

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And notice, we how to make coins video money more coins, but it represents less value than the previous example. That's because we had a lot of coins that didn't represent a lot of values, like, we had these four pennies here, while the previous example, we had three quarters!

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Each of these quarters is equivalent to 25 pennies, so we're able to represent more money with fewer coins in the first example.