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How to make money on the Internet by reading news

Keeping revenue ticking over both online and off-line Shares For centuries, newspapers and magazines have dominated the world of publishing and journalism.

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Before the creation of the internet, print media was the primary way for publishers to reach out to the masses, and for the everyday person to keep up with the latest news both locally and internationally. Back in the day, newspapers and magazines were revolutionary. But everything has changed now, and is still changing — journalism has undergone a dramatic shift led by technology and the net.

Today, most news publishers are focusing their attention on building digital and online presences.

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Consumers want to access news stories straight away, and they can do that through the internet. Monetisation is one of them. Unsurprisingly, news publishers are trying a range of different techniques and mechanisms to bring in the big bucks.

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Here are some of the ways news websites are making money both online and offline. Online, on the site While there are still plenty of print publications around, the main focus of most publishers is the online domain.

And when it comes to advertising, every new or returning visitor is a potential source of revenue.

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From banners to sponsored hyperlinks, advertising is the main source of revenue for most news websites. Companies can pay a straight fee to publishers to place adverts on their websites, although pay-per-click PPC is also popular.

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In the case of the latter, an advertiser pays the news company whenever an on-site ad is clicked. Companies may be able to make big bucks through advertising, but there are challenges.

Not all readers are happy to be inundated with adverts on a website, so they resort to using ad blockers.

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These are pieces of software that automatically block advertising content on websites and apps. There are other on-site sources of revenue, though. Some large news organisations have resorted to using paywalls with their websites, which require readers to sign up for a subscription so that they can access premium content or any content at all, in some cases.

These have been met with mixed responses, but the basic idea is that all online content should come at a premium.

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Companies also pay publishers to run sponsored advertorial content. Increasingly, publishers are investing in SEO experts and practices to help get their sites at the top of search engine listings. Online, off the site Of course, publishers have other online real-estate to consider as well.

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In particular, social media is a big part of the puzzle when it comes to success in online journalism. By having a presence how to make money on the Internet by reading news sites such as Twitter and Facebook, news sites can gain more readers.

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And the more followers a media brand has, the bigger the opportunity to make money. As well as running sponsored content online, news publishers have been known to run advertisements and promotions on their social media feeds.

Online, on the site

This works well for publications that have amassed a significant amount of organic followers over the years. Using social media is a way for publishers to how to make money on the Internet by reading news their own content and get links clicked as well.

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Many of the big social networks offer companies the ability to promote their content, which is a quick and easy way to target the right audience. Using special sponsor tools, publishing professionals and journalists can push creation of binary options content to the most relevant people, something that works well for publications covering specialist niches.

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There are a range of organisations out there that want to connect with their readers and build brand understanding in real-life scenarios.

Events and conferences are a popular way to do just that.

You can get one up and running, then add a second, a third, and as many as you can build into your schedule and lifestyle. What makes it so attractive is its simplicity. All you need to do is sign up for the program, and Google will provide the ads to your website.

Whether they are a regular or one-off occurrence, events give publishers a way to seriously up their profile, and to sign up top companies as sponsors. Some websites run their own award events, and these can happen in both B2B and B2C contexts.

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A website covering consumer goods may recognise the best products of the year, while a typical business news website may hand out awards to the most promising entrepreneurs and startups. Whatever the case, companies usually come on board as corporate sponsors. Usually, publishers that take on consultancy work have substantial resources available. Publishers often undertake consultancy work in specialist departments and keep it separate from their own content.

Third-party brands will pay proven publishers to create original content to promote products and services.

Keeping revenue ticking over both online and off-line

Brand content can be anything from feature-length articles to advertising campaigns. By going with the consultancy arm of a respected publisher, companies have access to journalists and other media professionals who are at the top of their game. In a bid to boost revenue, firms can also offer expertise in fields such as photography, filmography and online marketing.

The big question is: how do tech-savvy publishers monetise content if consumers are unwilling to pay for it?