How to Develop a Trading Brain

Trading and the subconscious, The Path to Trading Mastery is Often Sabotaged by Subconscious Emotions - Mind Muscles for Traders

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Innumerable times. To the trading and the subconscious, it seems to be an over-rated probably abused word. We will not focus on those items in this blogpost.

To all the readers reading this post, have you ever faced any of the following issues? Not taking a trade in your basic additional income because you did not think it would work after a couple of losses in a row?

Taking a trade immediately trading and the subconscious a loss that is not in your plan? And then after another loss, another trade not in your plan?

How to Develop a Trading Brain

Chasing a price move because you are afraid it is going to run without you only to see it reverse after you jump in? Averaging into a losing position because you just believe you are right and price will come back to where you bought? Moving your stop further away from your original stop to give the trade more room or moving to breakeven too early?

Continuous counter trend trades because you feel price has moved too far and you expect a reversal? Refusal to close out a losing trade and holding it until later in the day or the next day taking a bigger loss than your original stop? Chances are if we have had several of these happen to us, we either have no trading plan or should not be trading or our mindset around trading needs some work.

We can call it psychology, call it mindset, call it mental discipline, or whatever suits our fancy.

The Parts of Your Trading Mind You Never Train

The difference between unsuccessful traders, net profitable traders, and big money making traders is smaller than we think. It usually boils down to a small but perceptible edge, and while it can be related to poor money management, inadequate funds, or a bad methodology, it is usually an internal factor — a lack of discipline, emotional control, patience, and especially an improper attitude about losing and risk.

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But to understand this phenomenon more deeply, we need to understand how mind works and how it relates to trading profession. The rest is spent in the subconscious mind. In fact, it has been awake and recording since the time we were a fetus.

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Subconscious mind and the way it works Subconscious mind can be divided into 3 subsections — 1. The Memory Mind — It has recorded all our memories, all events, and actions, everything that ever happened in our life since the time we were a fetus.

Give In To Your Subconscious Mind And Your Trading Ability Will Increase

Think of it as a video camera with five senses. Whenever we act, react on an emotional basis, the subconscious mind is involved. Have you ever thought of that situation when we reacted so silly, and we asked ourselves later, why in the whole world did we react like that, or why did we say that?

Remember, that conscious mind has no role here — analytical part of the brain part of conscious mind cannot even start processing the information yet. The Protective Mind — It has the role of protecting us against what it perceives as dangerous. How subconscious mind is built The basis for sub-conscious mind is created from day zero of our life till the age of about 7.

How to Develop a Trading Brain

They move very slowly, and our whole subconscious is very much completely open. During these years, we lack the critical factor —the analytical and rational mind. Well, most of it comes from our parents or the people who raise us up.

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They are the ones in charge of our lives. As I have a 8 months old baby now, I can give an example w. Normally, when a baby starts trading and the subconscious, it is taken up by the mother, it continues to cry.

The mother checks the diaper, changes it.

What Is Your Subconscious Trading Ball?

The baby keeps on crying. The last step — the one that always works — is to bring the baby to the bosom and feed it with breast milk or stick a bottle with milk in its mouth if one is not breastfeeding. The need for security is fulfilled. The only problem, is that it creates an association.

The Path to Trading Mastery is Often Sabotaged by Subconscious Emotions - Mind Muscles for Traders

The brain creates that association to food. We grow up, and every time, we had a stressed day or we feel depressed, we find ourselves mc news trading something in your mouth. If we start to abuse food, we give birth to obesity.

But, remember it has to do with the need of fulfilling ones security. Other quick examples are classical as well. Subconscious mind and trading Ok great!! But, what does all this has to do with trading then? Have you guys ever heard of, fear of success? Remember, who the real you is! Funny thing right? So, being the sum of all our programs and given the fact that subconscious mind has the role of protecting us — Bingo, we got a great recipe!! It has probably been put there, somewhere between the age of Unfortunately, our parents became parents without getting any instruction manual on how to raise kids and we have the social construction as well in the picture.

Trading and the Subconscious Mind

Nothing against the parents here but just wanted to put the facts across. The kind of reward we get is, acceptance.

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When we get that acceptance, we then fulfill one of our basic needs — the need for security. We grow up, and start to work, and eventually we find out that, working hard equals earning money. And the safety need is fulfilled. Now, fast forward few years and you enter the arena of trading. We get into situations that can make us money easily, without having to work hard.

Dealing with the core issue It is very difficult to buy this concept. I understand that. The subconscious plays the lead here.

The Path to Trading Mastery is Often Sabotaged by Subconscious Emotions

Any amount of self-talk and affirmations were not helping here and the subconscious mind just snickered back at me by decreasing my account. This was of course a very basic example but am sure you get the drift. There are various ways of overcoming this obstacle — NLP Neuro-linguistics programmingHypnosis and many more. I do not want to dwell in to those vast topics in this blogpost but I hope I have enabled the readers to think in that direction.

Lack of confidence in your strategy Ruled by emotion Self-sabotage Letting big losses run What if, imagine what if you could uncover these emotionally driven trading behaviors? By this I mean the patterns that are rooted the subconscious patterns in our brains. Imagine what if, you could stop fighting your own brain! Can we change from internal struggle to an internal rapport that feels better and gets us to our goals? A more productive way to create new behaviors that serve us better is to become aware of the subconscious patterns, realize the positive intent from which they were created, and then build rapport with all parts of ourselves that contribute to our trading decisions.

Bottom line, discounting psychology is the same as discounting your mental health. It means being aware of your mind and its behaviors.

Surely, we are not going to try and make an argument that mental health is unimportant. Skill is composed of more things than just physical prowess. There is also mental aptitude.

Happy trading all!!