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Microsoft Systems Administrator Career Opportunities Include but are not limited to: systems administrator, systems engineer, computer technician, customer service representative, help desk specialist, network administrator, and technical support specialist.

More information can be found on the Computer Studies website. Computer Networking Technology Courses CNT 43 - Professional Communications 3 units This course applies the principles of ethical and effective communication to the creation of letters, memos, emails, and written and oral reports for a variety of business situations.

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The course emphasizes critical thinking, planning, organizing, composing, and revising business documents to create and deliver professional-level oral presentations. Additional focus will be placed on developing interpersonal skills, team participation skills, and technical report writing skills.

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This course covers PC hardware, software, security, networking, laptops, printers, operational procedures, operating systems, security, troubleshooting, and mobile devices. The students will study the topics needed to become certified PC technicians. The responsibilities of an ICT professional will be introduced. Degree Applicable, Credit CNT 52 - Networking Fundamentals 3 option 3 cnt This course provides an introduction to computer networking fundamentals skills needed to meet the industry demand for entry-level Network Technicians.

Tools to help prevent cyber attacks with IDS Intrusion Detection Systemsauthentication, and encryption are demonstrated.

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This professional certification verifies the student has the knowledge equivalent to that of an ICT technician with about 12 months of hands-on experience. Students who have completed or are enrolled in CIS 66 may not receive credit. Transfer: CSU. The MCSA Windows Server certification qualifies its holder for a position as a network or computer systems administrator or as a computer network specialist.

option 3 cnt

The topics include installation, storage, and compute features and functionality available in the current Windows Server, Nano Server, images for deployment, storage solutions, data deduplication, high availability, disaster recovery, storage spaces direct, and failover clustering solutions.

Also covered: Hyper-V and containers. Degree Applicable, Credit CNT 68 - Digital Forensics Fundamentals 3 units A practical course in Digital Forensics; the detection, and investigation of incidents involving computers, networks, the Internet, and digital information. Case oriented, following the objectives for the CFE Computer Forensics Examiner certification exam and the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists IACISthe class includes understanding and practice in basic computer forensics, methods of investigation, analysis option 3 cnt storage media, logs, and tracking persons and data, using court-approved evidence collection tools.

option 3 cnt

Also covered, computer forensics as a profession; the computer investigation process, and technical writing. The successful candidate will perform these tasks to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and practices of secure network design and management using desktop and network operating systems, router and switch operating systems, hardware and software Firewall and VPN technology for wired and wireless systems. The program includes authentication methods and devices, protocol analysis and IP network troubleshooting, strategies for identifying and countering vulnerabilities, network media and topologies in a secure network, intrusion detection and forensic incident option 3 cnt.

Department of Defense. All Cisco certification exam objectives are covered conceptually, practically and specifically as they relate to the exam. Effective troubleshooting and Cisco recommended methods and nomenclature are reviewed and practiced.

Courses - Computer Networking Technology

The EMC cloud computing reference model includes five fundamental layers physical, virtual, control, orchestration, and service and three cross-layer functions business continuity, security, and service management. Technologies, components, processes, and mechanisms for each layer and cross-layer function will be covered. The course follows the U. National Institute of Standards and Technology as a guide for all definitions of cloud computing. Upon completing this course, participants will have the knowledge to make informed decisions on technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build cloud infrastructure.

CompTIA option 3 cnt is normally valid for three years.

CNT/91R Advanced Frequency & Time Interval Analyzer - Pendulum Instruments

The course includes comprehensive coverage of topics related to Linux how to earn bitcoin coins, installation, administration, X-Windows, and networking.

Students who have completed or are enrolled in CS 41 may not receive credit. Degree Applicable, Credit CNT - Ethical Hacking 3 units This course introduces the network security specialist to the various methodologies for attacking a network. Students will option 3 cnt introduced to the concepts, principles, and techniques, supplemented by hands-on exercises, for attacking and disabling a network. These methodologies are presented within the context of properly securing the network.

The course will emphasize network attack methodologies with the emphasis on student use of network attack techniques and tools and appropriate defenses and countermeasures. Students will receive course content information through a variety of methods: lecture and demonstration of hacking tools will be used in addition to an virtual environment.

CNT-90 Basic Frequency Counter/Analyzer

Students will receive a hands-on practical approach in penetration testing option 3 cnt and ethical hacking. Increasingly, businesses are moving their IT services to data centers, and skilled VMware professionals are and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Upon completion of this course, students will have covered the topics required for taking the examination for the VMware Certified Professional VCP.

option 3 cnt

This hands-on training course will have students install, configure, and manage different VMware virtualization products. VMware certification is normally valid for two years. The hands-on labs include option 3 cnt of initial settings including passwords, IP addressing, and default gateway parameters on a network switch and end devices; Basic Switch and Device Configuration; Calculation of numbers between decimal and binary systems; IPv4 Addressing: IPv4 subnetting scheme to segment a network; Implementing an IPv6 addressing scheme; ICMP and various tools to test network connectivity; Network Security Fundamentals: Configure switches and routers with device hardening features to enhance security; Build a Small Network: Implement a network design for a small network to include a router, a switch, and end devices.

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The concepts covered in this course include Switching: how Layer 2 switches forward data; how Option 3 cnt enables redundancy in a Layer 2 network; the operation of dynamic address allocation in IPv6 networks by using SLAAC and DHCPv6; how FHRPs provide default gateway services in a redundant network; how vulnerabilities compromise LAN security; how Wireless LANs enable network connectivity; how routers use information in packets to make forwarding decisions; and troubleshooting static and default route configurations.

The hands-on labs include the implementation of single-area OSPFv2 in both point-to-point and broadcast multi-access networks; IPv4 ACLs to filter traffic and secure administrative access; Option 3 cnt services on the edge router to provide IPv4 address scalability; network management protocols to monitor the network; and Troubleshooting LANs and enterprise networks.

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Degree Applicable, Credit.