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Options laboratory. Digesting all the options: laboratory testing for celiac disease


    The PVS Sustainable Laboratory mission therefore determines the resources needed by the national veterinary laboratory network to meet the needs of Veterinary Services and to evaluate the pertinence of its structure and its viability in the national context in order to present elements needed for strategic decision making.

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    The approach analyses current and prospective options laboratory and present supply of laboratory services, as well as a range of sustainable management, organisational and financial options to facilitate sound decision making on an efficient, fit-for-purpose national laboratory network, including official delegation to private laboratories.

    Click on the image to see the Sustainable Labs brochure Laboratory Twinning Projects Twinning is not a new concept and has been used extensively to facilitate capacity building and networking, and to options laboratory partnerships and bring communities together.

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    Through twinning, the OIE aims to provide a more balanced geographical distribution of advanced expertise, allowing more countries to access high-quality diagnostic testing and technical knowledge within their own region, thus facilitating early disease detection or confirmation and rapid control.

    Knowledge and skills are exchanged through this link over a determined project period through staff exchanges, training of key options laboratory, quality assurance and biosafety reviews and options laboratory testing.

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    Twinning projects provide mutual benefits for both laboratories that are sustainable over time, as well as to the involved countries and their entire region.