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    He has provided education to individual traders and investors for over 20 years. Article Reviewed on August 24, Gordon Scott Updated September 17, The decision to buy a security based on rumors and then sell it when news breaks may sound can t make money a precarious plan, but it can also be a clever one.

    Traders sometimes turn this idea into a trading strategy that draws upon what they believe will occur in a forthcoming economic report or event.

    When the trader buys an asset-based on this speculation, that constitutes the rumor phase of the strategy. Once the awaited event passes or the report is released, the proverbial news has been made public. The trader then dumps their positions and the market moves.

    strong news trading

    A Lesson in 'Rumors' In markets outside of the foreign exchange market forextraders and investors alike often buy based on anticipated future cash flows. This means, if a company is expected to provide more revenue to shareholders than previously thought, traders will buy the stock quickly to take advantage of increased dividends or stock prices.

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    This behavior also applies to forex, but instead of cash-flows, traders often act on strong news trading interest rate changes. Investors who use this strategy tend to seek out undervalued markets.

    strong news trading

    When potential news or information suggests that an asset may produce more future cash flows, this is the "rumor"—the asset strong news trading rumored to be worth more in the next few weeks or months. Investors strong news trading buy that asset up to the point where it is no longer undervalued.

    strong news trading

    If the rumor is false, or the market overbuys the asset so that it is no longer undervalued and potentially becomes overvaluedthen a news story or financial report that falls slightly below expectations will rightfully cause a selloff.

    Only a surprise news event that surpasses the anticipated rumor will cause the stock to sustain its valuation.

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    If a surprise news event is positive enough, it could potentially push the value even higher. When a central bank raises interest rates, it typically signals a strong economy, and forex traders expect the currency's value to increase.

    Trade balance 9. Manufacturing sector surveys Depending on the current state of the economy, the relative importance of these releases may change. For example, unemployment may be more important this month than trade or interest rate decisions. Therefore, it is important to keep on top of what the market is focusing on at the moment. How Long Does the Effect Last?

    If a forex trader catches wind of a plan or otherwise believes a central bank will raise interest rates—the "rumor"—that trader may buy up the corresponding currency. Then, when the central bank actually moves the interest rate—the "news"—that forex trader will watch as the news pushes the currency's value higher.

    Once the currency hits a high enough value to earn the trader a nice profit, that trader will "sell the news" and trade the currency at a higher price.

    strong news trading

    Implications of 'Buy the Rumor Sell the News' One of the primary frustrations for traders is created by buying something you know to be strong, only to see it lose value in a sell-off. There are many reasons why this could happen, but it could come down to differences in the way traders process information.

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    Slow-to-act traders often provide the liquidity for in-the-know traders to take advantage of either the "rumor" or the "news.

    That is the time when everyone else who bought the stock at the lower price may be getting out of the market to reap a profit. There are few things in forex trading more frustrating than being the source of liquidity for other traders.

    strong news trading

    One of the best ways to avoid this fate is to wait for a retracement after a good news event—a brief reversal in price direction—to buy at a better price.