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    First, we assessed the 5S cluster and copy numbers in eight laboratory strains by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. Second, we addressed the frequency of meiotic recombination mediated by the 5S cluster by performing a mating experiment with laboratory strains, and found that the 5S cluster did not accelerate recombination events. Third, we surveyed recombination events of the 5S-containing chromosome region in wild mice from the Japanese Islands, where the two subspecies lineages, M. Finally, we examined the nucleotide diversity of six genes in the neighboring regions of the 5S cluster and found reduced genetic diversity in the regions on both sides of the cluster, suggesting the involvement of either positive or background selection in the population-level sequence similarity of the 5S clusters.

    Butler, Ethan E. Here, we use a global data set of plant traits to irina pavlenkova omega trading trait distributions closely coupled to photosynthesis and foliar respiration: specific leaf area SLAand dry mass-based concentrations of leaf nitrogen Nm and phosphorus Pm ; We propose two models to extrapolate geographically sparse point data to continuous spatial surfaces.

    The second is a Bayesian spatial model that incorporates information about PFT, location and environmental covariates to estimate trait distributions. Both models are further stratified by varying the number of PFTs; The performance of the models was evaluated based on their explanatory and predictive ability.

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    The Bayesian spatial model leveraging the largest number of PFTs produced the best maps; The interpolation of full trait distributions enables a wider diversity of vegetation to be represented across the land surface. These maps may be used as input to Earth System Models and to evaluate other estimates of functional diversity.

    CRISM's global mapping is called the 'multispectral survey.

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    Another reason for the multispectral survey is to provide contextual information. The multispectral survey is a lower data volume type of observation that fills in the gaps between targeted observations, allowing scientists to better understand their geologic context.

    The global map is built from tens of thousands of image strips each about 10 kilometers 6. Data volume irina pavlenkova omega trading further decreased by binning image pixels inside the instrument to a scale of about meters feet per pixel. The total reduction in data volume per square kilometer is a factor ofmaking the multispectral survey manageable to acquire and transmit to Earth.

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    Once on the ground, the strips of data are mosaicked into maps. The multispectral survey is too large to show the whole planet in a single map, so the map is divided into 1, 'tiles,' each about kilometers miles across.

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    There are three versions of each tile, processed to progressively greater levels to strip away the obscuring effects of the dusty atmosphere and to highlight mineral variations in surface materials. The global map.

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