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For your first blog, you want a host that is popular, trusted, easy to use, reliable, and reasonably priced.

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No need for anything fancy. BlueHost fits this need perfectly. For the vast majority of folks starting blogs, BlueHost is going to be the best bet for hosting their blog. This allows you to create and manage blog posts. Seriously, just use WordPress.

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money (Lessons Learned)

No one uses those anymore. This is going to sound kind of bad but whenever I hear of someone using one of those old WordPress competitors, I just laugh.

Use WordPress for sou sprint quick money blog, end of story. Because of how popular WordPress is, most web hosts offer a one-click install for WordPress.

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Of course, you might want to use a dedicated blogging platform like Medium or even LinkedIn. There are a few good reasons to go with a blogging platform. However, I generally recommend owning your own platform.

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That way you have fuller control over who your audience is and what you get to write. Open My Sites on the side menu.

Click Create Site. Click Next. Choose the domain you want to install WordPress on. Choose the directory you want to install it on. Whenever you ooo speranza m trading your theme, your site will also change but your blog content stays the same.

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This makes it very easy to sou sprint quick money your site over time without having to rebuild your entire site from scratch. The number of themes out there makes me dizzy.

This is ridiculous. If you own this site, please take a moment and leave a quick reply. We'll collect prices in the area, and then, average them for a "neighborhood rate. Thank you!

There are… a lot. When picking a theme for any of my blogs, I go straight to StudioPress.

If you want a wider selection of WordPress themes at standard prices, Themeforest is the most popular WordPress theme marketplace. After you purchase your theme, log into your WordPress blog, go to the Theme section which is under Appearance in the WordPress sidebar menu.

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Then follow the instructions for adding the theme. The easiest way to make changes is with plugins. Plugins are little batches of software you can install within WordPress to get extra functionality.

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BUT be careful here and try not to go overboard. Some bloggers will install dozens or even hundreds of plugins on their blog.

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That can cause a bunch of problems later on. They also become a huge headache to manage. I like to keep my plugins limited to 5—10 amazing plugins.

We track every monetized and unmonetized link on this site with Lasso. Afraid to spend money? What do I Sell?

This is one of the few plugins that I happily pay to upgrade. Contact Form 7 — The most popular contact form out there. Set up a contact page on your site and then use this plugin to create a contact form that will email you any time someone fills out the form.

Learn How to Start a Blog That Earns over $400k a year

Super easy. These days, I usually skip this one.

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MailChimp for WordPress — More on this below. WordPress Popular Posts — Easiest way to add a list of your most popular posts to your blog sidebar.

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The list will update automatically. It allows you to do things like: See how many people are visiting your website Find the demographic info of your visitors See what blog posts and pages are receiving the most visits But it can get very complicated, very quickly. All you need to do is create a Google Analytics account and install it on your blog. I remember the first time Google Analytics recorded a visitor on my first blog.

I thought it was a mistake.

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Why would they do that? Who are they?