How Most Millionaires Got Rich

How the rich made their money. Do billionaires ‘deserve’ their wealth?

Everyone wants to know what the secret is to successful investing. We want to know the secret to creating sustainable wealth. Here are seven key findings from the survey that a majority of high net worth investors do with their money that you may want to consider doing too: 1. They understand the importance of liquidity. Some may see keeping substantial amounts of cash on hand how the rich made their money being too conservative or having a fear of the market.

A high net worth investor would be quick to tell you otherwise.

I did. I wanted to understand why it felt so impossible for me to acquire massive wealthso I spent 36 years studying and interviewing more than 13, multimillionaires and middle class individuals. I discovered that the super wealthy have a different set of beliefs, philosophies and strategies than those who identify as "middle class. In other words, to be a rich person, you have to think like a rich person. Once I learned to embrace this concept, the money started to flow; I started my own business and eventually became a self-made millionaire.

More than half of these investors keep their liquidity high so that they are in a position to act quickly when great opportunities present themselves. Not only do they make sure that they have access to cash before they need it by forming healthy savings habits, but they also make sure they have access to multiple sources of liquidity.

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Large cash positions are commonly found in their portfolios. This serves as another source of liquidity, allowing their cash on hand to flow opportunistically.

Self-made millionaire: 7 middle class beliefs that may be holding you back from getting super rich

Their investment philosophy is geared toward the long-term. Six in 10 high net worth investors seek well-balanced, risk-managed growth.

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Even if it means lower returns, it was still more important for them to lower the risk of their investments. The wealthy keep their focus on funding long-term goals, while keeping near-term opportunities in mind as they go.

7 Dos and Don'ts for Becoming a Billionaire

Take it straight from Warren Buffet, who has said time and again that money is made in investments by investing, and by owning good companies for long periods of time. This disciplined approach to investing helps the wealthy minimize their emotions and tune out market noise. They make tax-conscious investment choices.

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Even more important than pursuing higher returns regardless of the tax consequences. This can be attributed to the point that really counts is your net pay — how much you are really making in returns after taxes. Poor tax management will add up over the long haul, and can easily cause you to sacrifice large portions of your gains for the year.

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They invest in tangible assets. Almost half of high net worth investors own some sort of tangible asset, such as a real estate investment. These assets can produce income earn bitcoins without investment quickly the investor, and grow in value over time.

While choosing what to include in your portfolio aside from stocks and bonds should be an individualized decision, there is no doubt that the wealthy understand how tangible assets can be a key element for a well-rounded portfolio. Many know how to use credit as a wealth building strategy.

How The World’s Billionaires Got So Rich

Credit can be costly. But there are small ways that you can accomplish this as well, such as using a credit card with rewards for spending you would be doing anyways.

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Instead of racing how the rich made their money pay down fixed, low-interest loans mortgages, student loans, etc. Their interest in impact investing is growing.

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  3. But the rest of the Forbes billionaires of them made their money the old-fashioned way — by working for it.
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This is the practice of investing into companies and organizations with the intention to generate a beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Over the past year, the percentage of high net worth investors who own impact investments has tripled.


Almost half of these investors believe companies that adhere to good social and environmental practices are less risky. Not only that, but they want to invest in a positive social impact and support issues they strongly care about.

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