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How to use binar correctly

In this article Caution Editing resources such as dialog boxes, images, or menus in the Binary Editor is dangerous. Incorrect editing could corrupt the resource, making it unreadable in its native editor. Use the Binary Editor only when you need to view or make minor changes to custom resources or resource types not supported by the Visual Studio environment. The Binary Editor is not available in Express editions.

In that example I'm assuming "buffer" exists, and is populated with some data and that will be written to "test. If you run that you could then "hexdump" the test. The difference matters intensely on Windows, though.

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If your code has pretensions to portability, add the b when you're going to treat the file as a binary file. If I want to read and write binary I usually use openreadwriteclose. Which are completely different than doing a byte how to use binar correctly a time.

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You read a buffer full of data, say 32k bytes at once. The buffer is really an array which you can read from really fast because it's in memory.

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And reading and writing many bytes at once is faster than one at a time. It's called a blockread in Pascal I think, but read is the C equivalent.

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I looked but I don't have any examples handy. Here's a read, you probably only care about the part from open to close.

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It's the of bytes to write. Also this old-style jpeg example.

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But they're binary reads and writes of bytes, just a lot at once. Maybe you should look at man ascii too.

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All from the same number between 0 and