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Handguns might lack stopping power, but you can still take out snipers at an appreciable distance with your sidearm. Defibrillator can be used as a melee weapon — it is slow, but very powerful. It will work regardless of whether you attack from the back or not, but it will deliver a lot more damage if you apply shock directly to power unit.

Be careful while doing this, as the gunner can still deal massive amounts of damage to you! Shotgun — Absolutely devastating at close range, it can easily dispose of enemies within a few meters.

It might feel counter intuitive, but you might actually want to charge toward the enemy dive and slide if necessary to avoid some of the fire to deliver the shot point blank.

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Keep in mind most shotguns are slow firing and very slow to reload so try to keep the weapon fully loaded, reloading in the middle of the fight cost valuable seconds and might cost warface where to make money and experience faster your life, so use time downtime to reload.

On the other hand remember that most shotguns reload one slug at a time and can be fired even in the middle of reloading! Use this to your advantage! Revive other medics first.

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If you have to choose between more fallen teammates, always pick the medic. He can immediately revive too. If teammate dies in the open in a spot covered by two enemy snipers and a machine gun emplacement — trying to resurrect him will simply add your body on top of his. Leave him; you will serve your squad better by healing those who know how to use cover. Be prepared to focus on healing.

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Medics primary role at all times is to keep the squad alive and healthy, but it's twice as true on defensive and safari missions. It is possible and even likely that in such missions you'll never get a chance to deal any damage at warface where to make money and experience faster. However without a skilled and dedicated medic such missions inevitably fail. Always keep an eye on your ammo count, as a medic both your shotgun and pistol ammo carry capacity is quite low.

Finding yourself in the middle of a firefight with no ammo will get you killed. It might not sound very heroic but you need to hide, find effective cover and wait for one of the more observant rifleman in your team to restock you. Don't worry, you will look plenty heroic when you revive your team. Playing as a medic is not for everyone, it is probably the most thankless class there is.

You will get blamed, shouted at and insulted and often that is if you are playing the class properly, especially if you are playing with less experienced players. But it is also the most varied and tactically challenging class. I would recommend everyone at least try the class out in PvE you should really try all the classes so you will gain a better understanding of the mechanics and tactics involved.

Don't forget to slide into it! Remember to try to corner hug or pie corners if not prone.

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Don't spray and pray. Make the ammo count. Spraying is also useful to provide suppressive fire, especially if you have a light machine gun Refill teammates ammo when they need it! No one likes to run out of ammunition, and you can prevent that. Be in the fight, while you shouldn't go rambo, you shouldn't be idle, remember the rifleman is the backbone of any squad, and needs to be in the fight all the time, whether if it's supplying ammo or firing at the enemy.

Make sure to repair your other teammate's as well.

Though fairly easy, these missions can be slightly profitable in terms of money and experience earned, since difficulty is related to reward amount.

Armor may not be as good as health, but it helps keep players alive longer than just health alone. Use your claymore in choke points or near areas where you know enemies will pass through. This is extremely useful when clearing any potential threats before proceeding by allowing the enemies to move toward you first.

This can work extremely well against heavy troopers, where they can easily one-shot kill a player in Hardcore Co-op and decimate an entire team within seconds if not taken care of quickly.

Having no time to play warframe since I'm easily pulled in and lose track of time with tons of work in hand, I started playing games I played back then and I have some things observed and here's my observation 1.

Make sure to back off before the enemy gets close though as the claymore can kill you too. The SED jumper works like a defibrillator. Use the same tactic for the defibrillator.

It's the only class that has no support ability whatsoever and there's little need for two. If you see someone is already on sniper, change to a different class. A rifleman can usually fill the same niche as a sniper, but has the added bonus of being able to provide the team with ammunition.

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Try to hang back when the team moves forward into battle. A good sniper will pick off enemies from afar and also save their team when being flanked in doing so.

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to rank up fast guide!

Prioritize targets on high ground or far away such as Demomen, Spec-Ops,or other snipers, and targets that are a severe risk to your team, such as a shield boi. It is easier for you to pick them off than a scopeless teammate. There is no sense in targeting a shieldless machete wielding enemy that is running towards your team when there is a demoman targeting you on a hill far away.

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You should never be charging headfirst into a firefight, think tactically. If you run out of warface where to make money and experience faster in your pistol clip, switching back to your sniper and spraying from the hip can also work in a pinch. Warface where to make money and experience faster headshot is faster than a couple of body shots and won't eat through your ammo like spraying would.

What is fastest way to gain XP?

Also, spraying constantly will only nurture bad habits and won't make you any better at aiming. This is irrelevant for Bolt Actions, since most of them are 1-hit kill, so ammo depletion rates are the same as headshots, except that you need a bit more adjustment time.

The spread is so ridiculous you can't guarantee a hit within 3 metres. In Hard mode PvE, avoid firing at a place where teammates are nearby. The high damage and RpM is enough to kill them. Know Your Enemies[ edit edit source ] Get to know what sort of enemies would appear before heading into a match.

Certain classes were made to eliminate certain types of enemies, so it is best to know the most efficient way of handling a situation. Communicate With Your Team[ edit edit source ] It is best to communicate with your team, either through normal chat or through quick chat.

Quick chat is normally used for asking for a Medic to heal, a Engineer to give armor, digital bitcoin an Assault to give ammo.

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These requests can be found by pressing F1, then either pressing F1, F2, or F3, depending on what you need. F2, F3, and F4 are also other communication methods. These methods are to normally be used during heated battle.

It is best to use the normal chat to discuss a strategy or specify a request. One good example is how to take down the Heavy Gunner, or telling your sniper about the Spec Ops or Demoman. Communication is key to success.