Gpk make money fast, Trash for Cash: An Oral History of Garbage Pail Kids


March 16, Topps Susan Wurthman of Massapequa Park said her daughter Tracy, who is 7 years old, collected Garbage Pail Kids until ''I put a stop to it'' because ''they're not at all healthy.

Wurthman referred to a character named Dead Fred, depicted as a cigar-smoking juvenile gangster with a bullet penetrating his forehead. My dolly would look nice with its head blown off, too. Occasionally, pus. No oozing orifice went unexplored in the stickers produced by Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. With characters like Luke Puke and Messy Tessie dripping bodily fluids in portraits created by talented—even Pulitzer Prize-winning—artists, the series delighted an audience obsessed with the gross.

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While children bought well over million of the mucus-covered cards, adults were mortified. Schools banned them outright. Protest groups managed to get a CBS cartoon canceled before a single episode even aired. But no one was more offended than the Cabbage Patch Kids, whose lawyers argued that the vile, dimpled drawings were copyright infringement and devastating to their squeaky-clean reputation.

No company since Kleenex has profited better from boogers. This is how they did it. While those eventually gave way to sports cards, the company continued to pursue non-sports properties like Hopalong Cassidy and, later, Star Wars. Topps had previously pursued a license with the Cabbage Patch folks. We were going to play gpk make money fast but got rained out.

In retrospect, it was probably symbolism. Newgarden: All I ever heard was that [Cabbage Patch owners] Original Appalachian Artworks felt it was too low-end a product category for their high-profile brand. You have to remember that these dolls were originally luxury items and sold for fairly outrageous prices.

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Schlaifer: I was interested and they seemed interested. I asked Topps to make a proposal on what they thought the cards would do, royalties, all of that. All of a sudden, they stopped taking my calls. Newgarden: I recall hearing they [Appalachian] had a problem with bubble gum cards.

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Maybe the severe terms were a reflection of that. It was part of an irreverent sense of humor that had been around nearly as long as the company itself. There was an extra space for a card on one of the proof sheets, and so for fun, he painted a secret Batman card with Batman taking a dump in the Bat-toilet.

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Nobody ever told upper gpk make money fast. Brown: Topps had always done real well with baseball. Non-sports cards, I called them novelty cards, those came and went. It was just added business.

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He did the rough, wrote the joke, and John Pound did the painting. The original Garbage Pail Kid. Copyright Mark Newgarden. John Pound Primary Artist, Garbage Pail Kids : The gag they had me do gpk make money fast Wacky Packages, they gave me a rough sketch and it looked like a little baby bum in a trash can.

Just 28 hours later all the packs had sold out. The first set had a run of 10, Standard packs, and 2, Mega packs. The Mega packs went quickly in the first 7 hours, with the Standard packs selling out the next afternoon. Topps and WAX were very happy with the results of the initial launch. Selling out quickly was something that was in the back of the minds of Topps.

Newgarden: I vividly recall that Cabbage Patch parody being rushed into that meeting to show Arthur that we were already thinking along such lines. And an hour later the word came down that we needed to figure out how to make a series out of this thing.

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That responsibility fell to Topps art director Art Spiegelman, who was finishing what would become his Pulitzer-winning account of the Holocaust, Maus; supervisor Stan Hart; and Newgarden. Pound: The idea was to be rude, crude, gross, rebellious, snotty, disgusting, all of these things.

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I sent them 30 or 50 pages of ideas, including a nice one of a little kid barfing on a baby blanket. Lynch: Art Spiegelman at first just did a rough drawing of a doll with a big nose named Olga. They were just strange and weird dolls. Playfully grim. Newgarden: Right off the bat, John gave us about four times as much input as the others, including pages of gags, color gpk make money fast and logo treatments.

His creative energy literally dripped gpk make money fast the page.

Pound: The idea of making them disgusting was not sitting real well with me. For selfish reasons, I wanted to have them feel good to look at. I was vaguely aware if you had the gross mixed with the cute, it was more interesting.

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Newgarden: He worked in acrylics and airbrush and his paintings were bright and clean and vividly colored. His sense of composition and staging was impeccable. He brought a very strong, direct, poster-like approach to GPK that made almost any concept feel positively monumental.

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Can you do 44 paintings in two months? It was basically a painting a day. I had to break it down—background is one hour, flesh is one hour, clothing one hour. They were all about five inches by seven, or twice the size of the card.

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Newgarden: I do vividly recall opening John's FedEx package with that Adam Bomb painting in it pretty early on in the process. I felt then and there we had something special cooking. Strangely enough, I think I was the only one at Topps who felt it at the time. Pound: Adam Bomb was about 85 percent my idea.

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I had the sketch of the kid sitting there pressing the button, and in background, a bomb blast going off. Phone meetings, faxes, FedExed tracing paper overlays with voluminous notes.

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John's pencils or paintings would come in on a Monday and I'd make notes.