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June 25, The FAR, and contract clause as well as Professor Edwards' blog post of Jan 26,give adequate instruction on what must be done to exercise an option. My question is: if the Government decides NOT to exercise an option, what level of documentation is needed? What recourse does the contractor have, if any?

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We had a interesting case here, that has sparked some debate at least from me. We had a contract to provide Operation and Maintenance services for a federal building.

To make a long story kinda why are options needed, the Chief Mechanic and the Building Manager did not get along, to point they were no longer speaking.

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The CO issued a notice to have the Chief Mechanic removed from working on the property, under language in the contract that allowed the Government to make this request another long story, that I plan to start another post about.

There was some back and forth at the local level, then a series of meetings with the company president, his attorney, the government's higher management and its attorney.

A deal was agreed to that allowed the contract to continue with the Chief Engineer in place, but it was reasonably clear that the two parties could not work together the Building Manger was re-assigned to another property.

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At that point, the contract had about 4 months to go on the current performance period. The CO sent the contractor a courtesy notice that the Government was not exercising the option, more than 60 days before the end of the contract.

A couple of relevant points to make in the particular case: The contractor's performance in providing why are options needed was, in all other respects, satisfactory, as far as was documented.

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This was a case of an extreme personality conflict between the principals, with allegations of the Chief Engineer being "intimidating", "bullying" and not taking direction from the Building Manager. These allegations were not adequately documented in a meaningful way, but were being conveyed from the Building Manager to the CO verbally over a period of many months, in an escalating fashion.

There are some other details in this case that are important in how this ultimately why are options needed out, but they aren't important for my basic question. After a series of internal meetings with our top management, our attorney and our Regional Procurement Officer top procurement officialthe consensus was that the CO should have had "proper" documentation from the Building Manager to not exercise the option, especially since performance otherwise was satisfactory.

Our RPO went on to say that the Government could not decline to exercise the option, and then re-solicit the same requirement without a significant change in scope.

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Totally disagree with this; I think he's confusing this with T4C. So anyway, my general questions are these: what level of documentation is needed for the Government to make a determination to not exercise an option?

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In the case above, where performance is otherwise satisfactory, there is a undocumented personality conflict but acknowledged as an actual fact by both sidesis this sufficient reason to not exercise an option whether there is documentation or not?

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