Got a Directional View? Here’s an Option Spread to Co Ticker Tape

Options directional trading. Directional Trades with Options - Macroption


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    Buying options to profit on Directional moves offer incredible benefits over trading stocks if properly used. This options directional trading will teach you why and how.

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    There is a plethora of misleading market education and self-serving promotions being taught about trading options; especially, directionally. Module 1 - Foundation of Options Trading Learn the foundation of options trading; key factors of options pricing; necessary option terminology and theory; and become familiar with an option quote screen.

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    Module 2 — Master Trader Top Technical Patterns for Options Trading Learn our top patterns to buy options for swing and day trading, including using Multiple Time Frames to increase the likelihood of success. Module 5 — Trading Setups and Strategies for Earnings and Huge Profits Learn how to buy options when you expect a big move, as well as to speculate on compelling patterns into earnings or other pending news events.

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    Module 7 — Day Trading Options Learn options directional trading to day trade options on our high-probability setups, which is an excellent strategy providing leverage, higher ROC, limited risk, and no gap risk. Module 8 - Strategy Review, Trading Plan, and Miscellaneous Topics Learn the importance of a Trading Plan; review strategies learned with quizzes; review our Resources for additional support; and concluding comments for continued success.

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    Directional Option Strategies Series.