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    In: Hot Topics in Aging Learn how this Florida AAA partnered with a local hospital elder options help provide physical and mental health assistance, information, services and resources to older adults and people with disabilities who are just released from stays at a hospital or rehabilitation facility and need help while they recuperate in their own homes.

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    We're proud to highlight the award-winning work of the winners of n4a's Aging Innovations and Achievement Awards in this weekly spotlight feature. This week, we are focusing on Elder Options' Take Charge program. Discharge from any care setting is a critical and vulnerable time for older adults.

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    AAAs have long recognized the seriousness of this issue and have been on the forefront of developing effective strategies to make smooth transitions more commonplace. Sincethe Elder Options Take Charge program has contracted elder options University of Florida Health UF Health to provide a care coordination intervention to patients identified by the hospital as individuals who use the health care system with extraordinary frequency and have high health care costs.

    Take Charge coaches elder options noted that many of their clients experienced depressive symptoms in addition to having a chronic disease.

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    Based on data collected by UF Health, inhospital admissions for patients receiving PEARLS services decreased by 32 percent and emergency room visits decreased by 11 percent. This service is especially beneficial elder options those elder options live alone and do not have family members or friends.

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    Elder Options has seen an increase in referrals to the overall Take Charge program since the start of the pandemic. Data collected by UF Health on the positive benefits of introducing PEARLS services to patients being released from the hospital can help persuade local health care facilities of its effectiveness. For more information about the winners, see the press release and read the elder options of winners!

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