Policy on Named Options within Academic Majors

What is major options

Overview and Definition of Options A named option is a formally documented sub-major within an academic major program. Named options serve as a convenient way to distinguish a distinct curriculum or delivery format within a major.

Tips for Choosing Classes in First Year Meet with your adviser during Orientation, before spring registration, for annual planning, and as needed. Observe foreign language and math placement test scores and recommendations.

what is major options

Take courses that meet GERs and potential major requirements; choose from different academic areas. Follow course prerequisites. Some higher-level courses require you to have taken one or more specific courses before you can register.

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Most sequence courses made up of two parts over two semesters begin in the fall term. If you need to take one of these courses, register for them for the fall term.

what is major options

Consider including a course for enjoyment in an area of interest. Ask your adviser to make a note of any special accommodations you might need.

what is major options

First-year students should take level courses. If you are unable to register for a course, place your name on a wait list You will be contacted to register when an opening occurs. Release Holds If you have completed less than 90 credits, an advising hold is put what is major options your record.

what is major options

To remove the hold, meet with your adviser to set an academic plan. If courses are filled, please use the wait list option.

what is major options

You will be contacted if the course opens for more students. Academic Advising.

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