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Forecast options

As can be seen in the above screenshot, forecasts appear for the next months. The Actual is represented as a dark line, while Estimate appears in the form of blue shade around the Actual forecast.

Introduction to Forecast in Tableau

To explore various aspects pertaining to forecast, we will go through the below steps: 8. It will pop-up the Forecast Option dialogue box as below. There are various sections and options under those sections in the dialogue box.

How to Forecast \u0026 use Trendlines in Microsoft Excel

We shall see them one-by-one. It generates a forecast for the next 12 months.

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The two options Exactly and Until should be experimented by passing different values. In the Source Data section, there is an option, Aggregate by followed by a drop-down menu. As the above screenshot shows, selecting 2 in Exactly has generated forecasts for the next two years.

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Also, the description has changed. Remember in Exactly and Until we can select the Forecast length for any unit of time from Forecast options to Seconds.

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Coming to the next i. Automatic, Automatic with Seasonality and Custom.

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It may give wrong results. The custom option allows the user to select Trend and Seasonality components.

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Because seasonality component is actually present in the time series and we have deliberately ignored it. This option is not suitable in this case.

Load past measured data from two experiments.

In both, there are further three options viz. None, Forecast options and Multiplicative. If we look at the time series, we can see that it has an increasing trend.

Who knew it could be so easy?

Moreover, with time, the peaks are getting bigger and bigger that shows the amplitude of the seasonality component is increasing. So, this is a multiplicative time series in which the components multiply. The above screenshot throws light on prediction intervals. It means with what percentage of confidence we want the algorithm to determine forecast values. The very important part after generating a forecast is to understand the results.

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Click on the Summary tab to view the summary of the forecast forecast options shown above. We can also view the summary in percentage form as shown below. Conclusion Time series modeling a technique for forecasting is widely used in predictive analytics.

Source Data

Tableau employs a powerful exponential smoothening technique that assigns more weight to the values located closest to the prediction period and calculates the forecast. Tableau allows us to change the options pertaining to forecasts as required, and also offers a summary of the results like it gives values of metrics Root Mean Square Error, Mean Absolute Error, Mean Absolute Squared Error, Mean Absolute Percentage Error, and Akaike Information Criterion, and smoothening coefficients alpha, beta and gamma.

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