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Kwan Nguen from Viet Verum option site 5 This broker is really reliable and its help I get a relatively small but a stable income, applying to it only mental effort and without straining.

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This can be said, a worthy replacement of the official factory salary, so i dont spend on travel and dining, and I can earn more, only while there is not enough time. The result was satisfied, everything works fine, there were no problems.

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The profit did not take long. In my opinion, this is a fairly easy-to-use broker, which can actually bring a very good profit.

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Regular technical work, draining the deposit, inability to withdraw funds if it less than the minimum amount. I constantly compared and I realized that all quotes differ from all suppliers, for a couple of thousandths, because forex there is no single clearing center.

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The main thing is the correct and prompt direction. I asked a question and I waited for an answer of 20 minutes!

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Didnt like it - went to another place. Service as such is absent. Work with them - do not respect yourself and your time.

Cons — Relatively new broker The binary options broker called Verum Option was established to make trading in financial markets, the easiest, most convenient and profitable way to generate income.

The result is zero.