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In brief Bitcoin's logo has changed several times over the years since Satoshi Nakamoto's first effort. The current logo is the work of the pseudonymous Bitboy, and has endured for 10 years.

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Some designers claim that the logo may no longer reflect Bitcoin's purpose, and could even communicate its unpredictability. Creating a globally-recognized logo bitcoin icon can be picked out at a glance is no mean feat; the likes of Starbucks and Apple spend millions on teams of dedicated graphic designers, brainstorming and workshopping even the slightest tweaks to their logos.

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And can it endure when so much has changed since it was created? February Big B makes its debut Eager to please, Satoshi updated his logo design in February The revised Bitcoin logo, showing the iconic "B".

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Bitboy's post with the designs for the current logo. Image: Bitcoin Talk Forum One forum user compared the new design to the Mastercard logo, and Bitboy answered that this had, in fact, been his inspiration.

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As with Nakamoto, the identity of Bitboy remains unknown, but others have claimed a part in the process.

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For instance, the number eight crops up multiple times within the logo. Not only does it resemble a B, but the letter rotated clockwise is at A logo for the satoshi too?

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With the price of Bitcoin rising during the late bull runit's thrown a spotlight on the cryptocurrency's smallest unit, the satoshi—named bitcoin icon its creator. The Bitcoin community has historically struggled to come to a consensus on a design for a "Satoshi symbol"with different suggestions including a combination of the letters "S" and bitcoin icon, a mash-up of an S with the symbol "s-at," get it?

ICON is a blockchain technology and network framework designed to allow independent blockchains to interact with each other. Key Takeaways ICON is a blockchain technology and network framework designed to allow independent blockchains to interact with each other. Potential opposition from traditional centralized cryptocurrency exchanges is a major challenge facing ICON.

It's likely to remain a moot point unless or until Bitcoin's price is significantly higher, meaning that people bitcoin icon using satoshis as a matter of routine. Bitcoin logo: time for a change? One group, in particular, has lobbied to change the logo for the past six years.

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Several Bitcoin startups adopted the new symbol, but it failed to take off. The Bitcoin logo, it seems, has itself become a symbol.

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But for how much longer? If only tempering volatility was that simple.

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  3. However, at the moment it is an unofficial code according to the ISO standard.

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