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Hyena includes both printing and reporting capabilities. Printing and Reporting options only apply to items displayed in the list window. The options that can be configured what is setup in options the point size to be used on the printed output, and whether to print using a bold font.

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Reporting Functions Hyena includes a Microsoft Access-based reporting interface. To utilize the reporting capabilities, you need to have Microsoft Access already installed on your system.

Hyena will by default automatically attempt to find MSAccess. If left blank, Hyena will attempt to find Excel. This path is used when using the options to export information to Microsoft Excel. See the Exporting topic for more information.

  1. Explore the Salesforce Setup Menu
  2. Custom Setup Dialog Options
  3. Unchecked: Disabled Neither clients nor staff can charge a purchase to account, unless the client is opted in individually from the Member Status section of their client info.

Path to MSAccess. You can leave this option blank to have Hyena attempt to find MSAccess.

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Path to HyenaRpt. If this setting is left blank, Hyena will use the. You can provide an alternate directory path here, or move the HyenaRpt. Exporting Options - Exporter Pro configuration file directory path - Set this value, if needed, to a local or network directory path where the Exporter Pro configuration files are stored.

These files have a file extension of. If left blank the defaultthe default location of the built-in. CFG files will be used.

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Licensing Settings The licensing settings display the active Hyena License, as well as any license options, such as Exchange, Terminal Server, and the current maintenance expiration date. Remote Control Settings Hyena can be used to manage two different type of remote control options: 3rd-party 'Remote Control' products, such as VNC, and 'Remote Desktop' which uses a version of Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and is found on all modern Windows what is setup in options systems.

The individual Remote Configuration Files.

InstallShield 2014 Express Edition Help Library

Hyena supports sharing of Remote Control configuration. RCM files. To share these files with other Hyena users, enter a network path location for the ". RCM file configuration directory" setting. This allows the functionality of the Exchange features to be fully evaluated before any additional licenses for it are purchased.

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For more information on the licensing of the Enterprise Edition, see the Licensing topic. For more information on how to create, modify, and delete Exchange mailboxes, see the Enterprise Features - Exchange Features topic. If you can already manage Exchange recipients from your workstation, then this probably has already been done.

Hyena requires the use of certain DLLs for these functions; Microsoft does not allow 3rd party software developers to redistribute these files. To create mailboxes, Hyena must be what is setup in options to know where to store the mailbox on the Exchange server. These configurations are called "Mailbox Location Templates".

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Select one. Repeat this process for any additional storage locations that need to be configured. A template can be specified as the default storage location.


To select the template or change other options when creating a mailbox: If multiple templates are configured, the what is setup in options to "Prompt what is setup in options template and Exchange settings when creating mailboxes" can also be selected.

This option also will allow changing the default mailbox alias before the mailbox is created. Exchange lacks the capability for Remote Powershell see Exchange belowthereby making mailbox creation and removal not possible in Exchange The Mailbox Properties option will be available as a submenu on any Active Directory user context menu.

Exchange Management Prerequisites Exchange uses Powershell v2. Powershell v2. RPS allows a client to remotely execute Powershell commands on another computer. This component is essentially an engine that communicates to Exchange using the remote capabilities of Powershell v2. Powershell is also needed to access any of the 'Find' buttons for Exchange settings or templates Powershell is NOT needed to modify or view any mailbox properties, since these interfaces only access and modify Active Directory attributes.

If you have not already installed Powershell v2. NET Framework be installed. The installation of Powershell v2.

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NET, will be already installed. There are three 3 basic steps to enabling the Exchange management options: 1.

Modifying page setup options

In cases where Hyena does not know which server to use for a remote Exchange function, the local computer will be used. If Hyena is being executed on a typical client computer or any computer that is not acting as an actual Exchange server, then deposit management in binary options step must be performed.

Hyena uses the remote capabilities in Powershell for Exchange administration. One advantage to this is that it is not necessary to install the Exchange administration tools on the local computer. One disadvantage is that the local computer does not know anything about Exchange.

Windows Setup Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs

Remote Powershell RPS requires that any function be executed on a remote computer, and since Exchange functions must be carried out by an Exchange server, the remote computer in this case must be an Exchange server.

To provide flexibility and eliminate any assumptions, Hyena provides a way to assign an Exchange server to a given domain. The domain in this case is any domain whose users have associated Exchange mailboxes.

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Note that you can use the 'Assign Exchange Server' dialog to find Exchange servers, but you must also provide a server to execute the corresponding Powershell 'Get-ExchangeServer' command on.

Configure Templates optional To make it easier to create mailboxes on multiple Exchange databases, one or more templates can be optionally created. The purpose of the template is to simply store the mailbox database name.


If other options are added in the future, for example, specifying default storage quotas, these options will be added to this template capability.

Advanced Hyena offers many advanced settings. For a complete listing of these settings, see the Advanced Settings topic. Logging Logging enables Hyena to log information about some actions, such as Active Directory changes, updates to local user accounts, system restarts, etc.

For more information about the information that can be logged see the Logging Options topic.