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Make money on bets without investing money, Free betting without deposits


    Nonetheless, there's a small percentage of people who earn money investing in sports bets, and some of them are even able to make it without the risk of losing money. What I mean by this is that most people place their bets out of emotions, instead of analyzing the value of their investments.

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    The truth is that bets are no different to any other kind of investment, where you make a prediction upon something, with a certain possibility of being right, and a given reward in case you are. In fact, a big advantage that betting has over other ways of investing, such as placing money on cryptocurrencies or in the stock market, is that you will have a fixed reward in case you chose the right outcome, and know exactly what you are risking and what you can potentially make out of your investment.

    Arbitrage consists in guaranteeing a risk free profit, by buying something and immediately selling it at a higher price.

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    In case of sports bets, what we do is look for a sports book bookie who offers a significantly higher odd payout than the rest to a given outcome of an event. In order to make it simple to understand, mainly for those who are not familiar with betting, we will use an example: We've got a basketball game between Lakers and Cavaliers. In fact, if I get enough interest in this topic, I am willing to teach you step by step, completely free, how to do it, including theory and practice.

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