Trade news source, MLB rumors: Angels targeting Cubs' Willson Contreras in trade; Red Sox eyeing Jake Odorizzi

Social Media News and economic data are two of the best resources you can use while day trading.

How To Use The Financial Source Terminal For Swing Trading

This is because you have to choose carefully your sources. No matter what asset class or instruments your trade, the role of news cannot be understated.

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Also, having the right information also means nothing if you trade news source not able to receive it instantly. In this article, We will highlight a few areas where you can get the latest information on companies, currencies, and commodities.

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In the United States, companies are required to provide information to their shareholders. They do this every time they have significant news.

The Best News Sources for Your Trading

For example, when they are acquiring a company, they are required to share the information with the shareholders. The companies do this using their Investor Relations IR department.

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As a trader, if you want to know more about a company, you can send a message to the IR department if you have a burning issue. Most companies will provide this information.

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Also, companies often make presentations to analysts and shareholders. They often stream these sessions, and you can participate and ask questions if need be.

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In many cases, these analysts usually have relationships within their organizations. When they receive information, trade news source analysts usually share it with their social media followers and in certain occasions, they come live on television. As a trader, you should carefully follow analysts that follow the companies you are interested on.

The NBA free-agent class doesn't have the star power of last year's -- when nearly half the league became available -- but plenty of big names hit the market. Even more could be offered in trade talks. Keep it here for the latest news, buzz and analysis throughout free agency and trade season. What keeping PG means for the Clippers' future Dec.

A good example of an analyst is Andrew Left who runs a company called Trade news source Research. The stocks he has written about like Valeant tend to decline after he publishes his reports.

2020 NBA free agency and trades: Latest buzz, news and reports

Today, this information is available in several platforms. For example, employees use Twitter and Facebook to communicate their feelings about their company.

In addition, they use platforms like Glassdoor to highlight the things that happen in their companies.

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Just last week, an ex-employee of a cable company was in the news when she reported a Wells Fargo-like scheme. Therefore, you should do the best you can to follow employees of the companies you are trading in.

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Business Networks Although more people are now turning to social media for their news, the fact is that business television is still very relevant.

CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business are the major television networks We recommend: we use them every day to get breaking news and in-depth analysis on major dealings.

What are the latest NBA trades and rumors?

We also reading their websites. Social media platforms like StockTwits, Twitter, and Facebook are used by traders to communicate their ideas and insights. They are also important sources to get breaking news and engage in talks about companies, commodities, and currencies.

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