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Few months ago, it stopped giving me what I have been paying for. Im cancelling the payment now. Finally got contact with the team and they took care of the situation. Figured I would leave original information as it may be beneficial to others.

I should have been more aggressive in seeking help, but life options app in the way and always busy.

Top 5 Options Apps for iOS & Android

Once again pleased with the service and would recommend to others Developer ResponseThe subscription to any plan is optional and you can email us or send us in app messaging if you have any feature not accessible.

We test the app everyday to make sure it is working properly. Let us know the details and we will try to help.

  • Other Options Considerations The commission structure for options trades tends to be more complicated than its equivalent for stock trades.
  • Equally intriguing as in a real market with absolutely accurate market data.
  • Since then, I have been continually updating and adding to that list.
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Yes the free version with adds. This makes this app useless to me.

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I received an answer of a promo indicating I should but the advanced Option plan. So instead of answering a simple question or trying to trouble shot the problem I get a upgrade promo. Smh not options app way to get someone to upgrade imo. I am not buying a upgrade when it was free with adds. Adds pay for my use.

Best Options Trading Apps

Good day to everyone. Update : in app they replied and stated they already answered my question. Which is incorrect.

options app

They did state second time around you have to buy a plan. With all the disinformation I options app be deleting this app.

However for swing or Day trading there is some lag time on the notifications. But if your depending on this app to buy or sell it can cost your some cash if it a stock drops a few times before you get notified. Specifically it was the price alert.

options app

I would like to note alert is excellent for a stock I am waiting a day longer to hit a bottom I want. I think highly volatile stock with huge swings you may just have to watch.

Overall still very valuable function. Developer ResponseThank you.

options app

Will you please let us know which notification you are having the lagging? The pricing or other advanced notification? We will try to enhance it.

There are two issues that I really want them to be fixed. The first issue is the app closed automatically if I didn't use it for while. The second issue is searching option chain of SPX is way too slow comparing to option chain of other stock symbols. However, I like to use this app.

Really appreciate your support and input Subscriptions.