How To Make Money Really Fast On Hay Day

How to make money on hay day, How To Make Money on Hay Day!

"Hay Day": 3 Tricks to Make Money (Fast)

Basic Money Making Principles 1. Wheating Wheating is the process of planting all your fields with wheat and constantly harvesting and selling them to get rare items. It is easily the highest profit and xp in the game. Please note that the profit of wheating is in the rare items and not the wheat. You should simply get rid of the wheat as fast as possible when wheating to gain more profits.

If you can't sell your wheat fast enough you might need to expand your RSS, lower the price of your wheat, place more ads, or switch to another crop which you can sell faster like corn.

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Trees and Bushes All trees and bushes produce 13 fruit. If you have enough trees and bushes, the time it takes for a tree to fruit is completely irrelevent.

The only limiting factor of trees and bushes is saws and axes which you can get tons of from wheating.

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Trees profit example: 1 Cocoa tree yields 13 fruit worth 1, However, you will get no xp for doing this. Additionally, during certain special events it is more profitable to do the event than to sell in the RSS. Special Events During the truck or boat event it is most profitable to do that type of order instead of selling in the RSS. If you know how to play the Little People event properly you can make hundreds of thousands.

If you're not sure whether a particular event is profitable, simply search for info on it in these forums. There are also some links in this guide.

How To Make Money on Hay Day!

Barn, Silo, and Land Expansions A larger barn and silo, as well as more land is always profitable in the long run. When you're too Rich At some point you will most likely be too rich. I currently have everything maxed and expanded and I huge surplus of coins.

Coins aren't so important to me anymore and it's more about the xp. However, I still find it useful to know how to make a lot of money because nearly all my neighbors need money and I like to give money away and help out.

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For example: let's say you need some blue sweaters to fill a boat. If you have the coins you can purchase the sweaters and essentially convert money to xp.

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Hypothetically, if you were insanely rich, money could be completely irrelevant to you; but at that point it's my recommendation to help out new players or give some away. Tips and Tricks 1. Rare Items All farms have a rare, medium, and common item in each set of 3 rare items.

There is something in the game code to prevent hoarding.

9 Hay Day Tips You Won’t Believe

If you keep even ratios how to make money on hay day these rare items you will find more of what you need. If you hoard a ton of one in the set of three you will find more of that and potentially few of the other two.

Buy Low and Sell High This may seem obvious, but if you can produce an item at how to make money on hay day profit and buy a cheaper item at a lower cost, why not?

For example, corn bread is common in my newspaper and I can make greater profit by producing other items in my bakery.

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This means I'll almost always buy corn bread when I need it and produce and sell other things in my bakery. Helping Others This game is for fun, you can do whatever you like.

How To Make Money Really Fast On Hay Day

I personally like to help out others by producing the items which are less common in the newspaper to sell to friends and strangers. I also only help 1 tree when I find them on a farm so more players can get the thank you notes.

Dairy, Sugar and Jams All of these items, especially dairy items are extremely rare due to high demand and their use as so many ingredients in products.

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I like to carefully manage my resources so I always have a supply of these things. For me, this means ignoring boats, trucks, town people requests, etc. Especially the raw ingredients.

Of course, given its massive popularitythis is hardly worth saying. Pretty much everyone is a Clash of Clans fan, or about to become one. Like CoC, Hay Day has complex strategies, time-based challenges, and copious amounts of resource management, all of which must be competently navigated in order for you to progress. Some would just say play until you master it. Yes, this can be just as annoying, boring, and time-consuming as it sounds.

Again, you can do whatever you want, this is just what I do to have fun.