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Prayer to make big money

In our rapidly inflating and uncertain economy, money matters can drastically elevate our stress. Most of us remember the wide-sweeping mess that hit the workforce in Millions of people, some nearing retirement age, lost their jobs. Over four million foreclosures soon followed. If financial fears dominate your thoughts, be encouraged! Lord, help me trust You. Obedience comes from surrender and surrender rests on trust.

Prayer for Financial Help and Stability

We may know, intellectually, that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and has a good and loving plan for us. But we can lose sight of those truths when creditors come knocking or medical bills flood in. In those moments, our finite, easily distracted minds tend to focus on our problems rather than the God who loves us.

The result—increased anxiety and decreased spiritual sensitivity.

Prayer for Money Abundance

The solution is redirecting our thoughts. Asking God to help and then choosing to trust He will. But as we draw near to Christ in prayerHis Holy Spirit empowers, emboldens, and soothes, reminding us that He is our Jehovah-Jireh Genesisand will meet all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus Philippians Lord, change my heart.

Sometimes financial struggles come from unexpected crises, but many times greed, selfishness, and impulsivity are to blame.

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We live in a consumerism culture that celebrates instant gratification. Entitlement, and the undercurrent of discontentment that usually follows, can be difficult to fight.

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If we want increased intimacy with Prayer to make big money and the peace and clarity He offers, we need to ask Him to replace our idolatrous desires with a heart that beats only for Him.

Lord, grant me contentment.

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When our daughter was young, we lived in the Los Angeles suburbs, and I was surrounded by peers with much more money than we had or at least, who routinely spent more than we did. Initially, we mirrored the practices of our friends and buried ourselves in debt.

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One Christmaswith maxed out credit cards and a nearly depleted bank account, we were forced to make a choice: apply for more credit or drastically change our habits. Praise God, by His grace, we chose the latter, and our journey began with learning to be content.

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For us, this meant buying a used car instead of a newer one, and driving it well past its glamorous stage. For Paul, the apostle who wrote the oft-quoted passage on learning the secret of being content when in plenty or in want, that meant cultivating joy while imprisoned and gratitude for whatever sliver of bread God provided.

What is the Prayer to Manifest Money?

Could it be that contentment paves the way for joy, and in the process, financial freedom? Lord, give me confidence. If I lived on some remote island without other human contact, would I seriously care what I wore?

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What make of car I drove, or how well decorated my little hut might appear? Whether this involves buying a new car to appear more successful than we are, or failing to say no when our friends suggest an expensive activity, this long standing trend has landed many in debt.

Feedly Prayers for a Money Miracle Most of us have financial troubles at one point or another. Most of us also wish to win the lottery, but that probably won't happen. In today's society, high debt is the norm, and we all want a miracle to get out of this financial debt that we have gotten ourselves into. The goal many of us have is to be able to provide for ourselves and our families, which may be difficult when money is tight.

The solution—become deeply grounded in who—and whose—we are. Lord, give me a generous heart. Greed kills our relationships with others, our joy and peace, dulls our spiritual ears, and drastically hinders our intimacy with Christ. Everything we have belongs to God to be used by Him for His glory.

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God, help me live with integrity. Most of us probably would never seriously consider tax evasion or fraud but we might be tempted to behave deceptively in other, seemingly less consequential, situations. To the contrary, Scripture says God hates all dishonesty and demands His followers live with the utmost integrity in all matters, including in how we manage our finances.

Jesus, help me persevere.

Creating a workable budget can be challenging. Living according to that budget for more than a few months can feel practically impossible, especially if we are attempting to climb out of debt.

Prayers for a Money Miracle

Focusing on long-term goals, like buying or paying off a house or saving up for a vacation can help. As can praying for the strength to persevere, even if we find ourselves eating boxed macaroni and cheese more times than we care to count.

Start Here Prayers are a powerful way of communicating with God. There are times that we need help to get out of a financial crisis. Or you may need to break the chains of debt, lack of money and poverty.

God, help me align my priorities with Yours. This is especially true when I can find the money to buy those cute shoes in the department store but never seem to have enough to pay my tithe.

In Matthew Jesus told us what happens when we chase after material wealth while attempting to serve Christ. Jesus, help me develop a long-term focus.

First Prayer to Manifest Money

That expensive steak dinner that tasted so great in the moment will likely be forgotten by tomorrow. But every dollar we scrimp and save and put into savings will continue to work for us year after year. As will the money we invest in retirement or paying off our home.

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Granted, sometimes life hits hard, and financial difficulties hit despite our most diligent efforts, but focusing on where we want prayer to make big money be tomorrow, not simply what would make us happy prayer to make big money, makes economic stability more probable.

God, center my thoughts and heart on the things of eternity. But prayer to make big money Jesus reminds me of my ultimate and most fulfilling purpose—to play a part in His redemptive mission—and suddenly all those items that once captivated me, suddenly fade as eternity shifts into focus.

A Prayer for Money Help

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