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View more of our awards Can your parents help out? One of the more popular ways to avoid the genuine savings requirement is to ask your parents if they can gift you the money for the deposit. How much can I borrow?

  • A statement that it is a gift A statement that the gift has no commercial interest Confirmation that the gift giver has no financial or commercial stake in the property Confirmation that the gift giver is financially solvent and in a position to provide the gift You need to have this letter signed by a witness too.
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  • So how do you come up with a deposit for your first home and how much do you need?
  • In conclusion What is a gifted deposit?
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  • Whilst there are also options for friends or third parties to gift a deposit too, this is not always a favourable amongst lenders and are therefore much more difficult to secure.

Do you know someone who can help you out with a gifted deposit? Speak with one of our gifted deposit specialists on or complete our free assessment form and we can tell you if you qualify within 24 hours!

Looking for that perfect mortgage?

How do gifted deposit home loans work? Your parents can gift you the money they gift deposit options in their savings account, through the sale of assets, such as a car, or an inheritance. The banks usually require parents to evidence that the money is a gift and not a loan that needs to be repaid.

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A gift letter that is signed by your parents will gift deposit options as proof of this with most lenders. Gift deposit options lenders may also have additional requirements such as requiring the funds from the gift to be in your account before you apply.

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It really depends upon which lender you apply how much does a bitcoin miner earn so call us on or complete our free assessment form to speak with one of our gifted deposit specialists.

Why choose a gifted deposit home loan?

Gifted Deposit Mortgage

You can evidence your gifted deposit with just a gift letter, which we can give you to make it easy for both you and your parents! Who can I receive a gift from?

Lenders have strict criteria regarding gifted deposit and will only accept a gift that comes from your parents. If members of your immediate family such as your brother or sister, your grandparents or your spouse provide you with a gift, it is usually accepted after looking at your case.

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  • One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is saving for a deposit.
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On the other hand, if someone in your extended family, such as your uncle, aunt or cousin is gifting you a deposit, the banks will assess the closeness of your relationship with them and you may be required to provide an explanation of your situation to the bank.

For example, if your uncle wants to gift you some money, the banks usually want to see some evidence of gift deposit options relationship. If your friends, colleagues or any other third party agree to gift you a deposit, most banks may not accept it. This is because lenders want to avoid the case of fraud as much as possible. When a third party other than your immediate family member is involved, then it is quite possible that this person may not have gifted you the money for the deposit, but lent you the money instead.

Do I have to pay a higher interest rate?

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Most lenders offer the same competitive interest rates on a gifted deposit home loan as they do on normal home loans. Give us a call on or fill in our free assessment form and we can help you find the right lender for your situation from our panel of over 40 reputable lenders. It protects the lenders in case you default on the loan. The more you borrow, the more riskier the loan becomes for the lender, and the more you have to pay in LMI.

Who can gift a deposit for a mortgage?

However, the good news is that many lenders will allow you to capitalise LMI. Our mortgage brokers have in-depth knowledge about Lenders Mortgage Insurers and the guidelines that they use to assess loan applications. Please call gift deposit options on or complete our free assessment form to discuss your gift deposit options with a mortgage broker. You can apply for FHOG through your bank when you apply for a loan.

These funds will be advanced with your loan at settlement. However, you will receive the grant only after your construction gets under way. They sign a statutory declaration confirming this as evidence which is submitted to the lender with his home loan application.

Luckily, Chris can capitalise the cost gift deposit options LMI and save thousands of dollars upfront. Best of all, by asking his parents to gift him the deposit, Chris was able to get into the property market sooner by not having to save a deposit. Alternatively, you may want to consider a guarantor loan option. For more non genuine savings solutions, check out this page.

The biggest challenge in entering the property market were high property prices and the difficulty in saving a large enough deposit. This includes gifts from parents.

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How do I apply for a gifted deposit mortgage? Our mortgage brokers are gifted deposit home loan specialists and they understand the lending policy regarding gifted deposits. You can avoid getting knocked back by the wrong lenders time and time again! Please call us on or fill in our free assessment form to find out how we can help you qualify for a gifted deposit home loan.

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