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forecasting options

How to cite Planning for future events is an integral aspect of operating any business. Planing allows actions to be taken that will meet lead time requirements and create a competitive operation. The process of planning, however, assumes that forecasts of the future are readily available.

forecasting options

Manufacturers must anticipate future demand for products or services and plan to provide capacity and resources necessary to meet that demand. Forecasting is the first step in planning. It is one of the most important tasks, as many other organizational decisions are based on a forecast of the future.

You can choose between simple forecasting options and complex methods requiring business software to account for all of the different variables being considered. Each approach offers its own strengths and weaknesses, so businesses have to choose the forecasting method that best suits their needs and their goals in projecting future finances.

The quality of these decisions can only be as good as the quality of the forecast upon which they are based.

In business, forecasts are made in virtually every function and at every forecasting options level. For example, a bank manager might need to predict cash flows for the next quarter or a marketing manager might need to predict consumer response.

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forecasting options

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Section 3. The system analyzes past sales to calculate forecasts by using 12 forecasting methods. The forecasts include detail information at the item level and higher level information about a branch or the company as a whole. A forecasting method that is appropriate for one product might not be appropriate for another product.

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  • Each has its special use, and care must be taken to select the correct technique for a particular application.
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If there are no data available, or if the data available are not relevant to the forecasts, then qualitative forecasting methods must be used.