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At the same time, a pair of competing high-speed architectures, Infiniband and Rapid IO, are beginning to see acceptance and noticeable effects in some embedded applications.

The three architectures are expected to make a solid impact in the market this year as silicon becomes more readily available and prices drop. Design engineers will often be able to eliminate bridges by switching to these switched fabric interconnects, simplifying designs in addition to upgrading performance.

Implementation in the many fields of the embedded world is likely to vary widely as vendors pick various traits for specific applications.

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PCI Express is expected to have solid usage inside system boxes, using serial communications to give engineers up to 8. Though its transmission distances going outside the box are limited compared to Infiniband and Rapid IO, PCI Express will give users the economies of scale linked to the huge volumes of the PC world.

The diverse nature of embedded applications leaves room for plenty of interpretation on where the buses can be deployed. A key aspect of success for these architectures will be chip support. They're putting the interface in the corner of FPGAs and using it on special processors for security, communications, and other fields," Jaenicke says.

Time-to-market will also play a role in bus selection.

This enables an engineer to design a function that might be required without having to become an expert on VXI, PXI or LXI as carriers are available to allow the design to be ported to the backplane or bus of the test system in use.

PCI Express chips are just beginning to roll out, and Rapid IO systems and chips how to make a lot of money at vmeworld available but still somewhat limited. However, many companies including Vmetro often support more than one bus architecture, giving design engineers more options. Picking an architecture is something engineers can leave until late in the design process. These serial communication links are often housed on mezzanine cards that plug into the motherboard, making it easy to change the communication architecture.

Comparing Buses: A hierachy of buses, including emerging architectures like PCI Express, address needs for communicating inside a system box and for larger systems that msut link several boxes together. Boardmakers and other vendors are pushing performance upward. Their goal was accomplished by increasing digital signal processing capabilities.

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Overall VME revenues are shrinking and even its importance in the military market is declining. But the technology is still expected to dominate the commercial off-the-shelf COTS portion of the military market with 57 percent of revenues inaccording to Venture Development Corp.

Such acquisitions are not unusual in the VME world, where shrinking has been seen for years. In the military, communications, and industrial applications that purchase VME boards, increasing performance demands are being addressed in many different ways. For example, Dy 4 teamed up with Vmetro Inc. Taking a different approach, Pentek Inc. The 3 million gate devices include software that lets customers program the devices quickly.

As circuit boards in more complex systems run faster, powering and cooling the modules become bigger issues for design engineers. CG Mupac www. This versatility, also being how to make a lot of money at vmeworld by competing chasis makers, is particularly desirable in another large market for VME boards-telecommunications. In telecommunications, compact PCI is a solid competitor, offering the volumes of the PC bus along with embedded industry attributes such as hot swapping.

Testers, Try This Program Feb 03, As an expert in software for testing, you have seen a lot of products. Name one of your favorites.

That's easy, Visual Basic 6. But test engineers should try Visual Basic.

Buses Speed Up

It's the latest version of Microsoft's Visual Basic. But it's been out for almost two years.

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That's right, but test engineers who haven't started using it are missing out on some great enhancements to the language and environment. Net is now on equal footing with all of the other computer languages in Visual Studio. NET VS.

I thought. Yes, the messaging for the test and measurement how to make a lot of money at vmeworld was way off the mark. So, what does it give engineers?

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NET is really Visual Basic 7. It's as indicator strategies of binary options to use as Visual Basic 6 and it provides access to a wealth of new capabilities provided by the. NET Framework. It now is a fully objected-oriented language including inheritance, support of multithreading, new console capabilities you couldn't write VB console apps in the paststructured error handling, better cross language debugging this was really hard to do if you had an application that combined VB6 and VC6and better DLL version management.

What is the.

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NET Framework and what makes it better? Well, the new run-time library is far more comprehensive than the old Visual Basic 6 runtime library.

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The CLR is responsible for runtime services such as language integration, security enforcement, and memory, process, and thread management. In addition, the CLR has a role at development time with features such as life-cycle management, strong type naming, cross-language exception handling, and dynamic binding, that reduce the amount of code that a developer must write to turn logic into a reusable component.

What about legacy programs? Programs can largely be brought forward into the new environment with a modest amount of work. When a Visual Basic 6. NET, the conversion of some code cannot be done because of syntactical or architectural differences between the old and new versions. For this reason, functions in the Visual Basic 6. NET, without the need for extensive modification.

These functions mimic Visual Basic 6.

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What about connecting to instruments with add-ins? There are a couple of ways to do this. You can continue to write code directly using VISA as before. Agilent and National Instruments provide a. You aren't a sales person for Microsoft are you? No, but I really like this product.

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Matt Resolved to End the Morning Madness Feb 03, Tired of a wakeup call at the crack of dawn, Matt decided to train his roosters to be less vocal. So he built a kind of Skinner Box that makes the coop dark when his birds exceed a certain volume.

His crow sensor features a microphone and amplifier that puts out a digitized signal. A microcontroller monitors the signal, opening and closing window shutters as needed so that Matt gets his Z's. Sleep late skinner box.