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What do they earn at home

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Prices of almost everything are getting doubled by each passing decade. And in such a what do they earn at home economy, it is becoming difficult to sustain a family with the income of only one family member. The housewives just need to choose the right job for them depending on their comfort level to earn some what do they earn at home money.

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Selling Handmade Products Online If you have the talent then you can make thousands of rupees by selling your handmade products online. You can make and sell paintings if you are good at painting, you can make wall hangings, rope bowls, sew pillow covers with different funny patterns and color combinations, you can make wood pallets or coasters using pallet painting which is easy and looks really good.

You can make market tote bags also.

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There are endless things that you can prepare at home and sell. But here the main challenge that most of the housewives in India encounter is how to sell their handmade products in the market. There are many websites such as EtsyArtFireAmazonetc.

After some time when you have somewhat established yourself in the market, then you can make your own website and use online advertising to increase traffic. You can also promote your work from social media.

You can make Facebook pages, Instagram account, Twitter account etc to attract your target audience. For shipping, you can contact some courier services and take shipping charges as add-ons if you not what do they earn at home your stuff through ecommerce websites.

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Click here to get details on starting art and craft business. Home-cooked food has always been preferred as compared to food ordered from hotels among the bachelors, single working people and the elderly. So if you are having good culinary skills and can make delicious food with high quality then there are an abundant number of opportunities waiting for you.

You can either opt for the dabbawala system or can sell your food on websites.

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Now if you start providing these people home-cooked food by getting an order from any one company, then by simply word of mouth your orders will keep on increasing. As you make in bulk then the cost of raw materials required per plate will not exceed Rs Then also after deducting ever kind of expenses a housewife can easily earn approx Rs.

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These websites cater to people who prefer homely food. This will not only save money of the employees but will also increase your earnings. Freelance Writer If you have good writing skills then you can try your hand at freelance writing or blogging.

In this, you can write your own blogs on a certain topic or you can also share your perspective on a topic.

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It is really easy to earn money online if you know how to write through freelance writing or blogging. If you have an interest in writing then you can choose freelance writing as your earning option.

You can write in any language you are strong in, be it French, Dutch, German or English. You can write articles for some magazines or newspapers by sitting comfortably at your home.

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Many such writing opportunities give a writer an average of Rs per article. This income can further be increased by working on the quality of the articles that you are writing, the industry that you are writing for.

Ideally, it is observed that the finance and healthcare industries offer more money as compared to other industries. Though initially you might not get paid that good in writing, but once you make an influence you might get up to Rs 5, per article and even more. Becoming a Child Tutor Home tutoring is one of the best ways of earning extra money for housewives.

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If you have a good equation with the children and you love to teach then you can earn money by teaching other children. They definitely need a private tutor for their children.

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Here you can volunteer to teach their children.