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You are finally about to start another or your first semester in college!

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With all other expenses taken care of, textbooks might be the last thing on your list. In high school, your books were most likely provided to you free of cost from your school and you were not allowed to write in them or damage them in any way, but college is a little different.

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You will now be responsible for not just one, but multiple books and resources per class each semester depending on what courses you are taking, and you are expected to cover costs of all these materials.

There can be some panic when you first see the sticker price on some of the books you will need for class, especially when you consider buying the how to make money on video new, but CAP has some tips to help you keep the cost down and be smart about your textbook use!

All the textbooks!

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First: textbook what is an option out what books you will need. Professors may post a syllabus in the course section of your portal, or may even email one to you in the weeks before class starts.

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You can also find the information from your campus bookstore online or in person. If your class has multiple books you will need to purchase, you can email your professor to find out which books are mandatory and which are secondary sources. Sometimes you will only need a couple articles or chapters from a book, so you might consider finding those separately instead of buying a whole book.

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This means you can use books in classes that are the same edition or a previous edition, but do not cost full price. Your professor will let you know how late of an edition is necessary to be able to still keep up with the class readings.

Several cost-saving programs and products are listed below. Textbook Rentals Thousands of textbook titles at the University Bookstore are now available as rentals. Grab a copy right off the shelf, or search our website to see if your books are available as rentals.

There stores may also do book buy-back as well. Just make sure to check the shipping time and that you are ordering the correct version of your book!

This option is generally less expensive than buying a used book, but it also means there may be some restrictions to use and you will not be able to participate in a book buy-back.

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These versions of textbooks can have cool features that make them more like a traditional textbook, where you can highlight text or add notes directly to the page. If you consider this option, make sure that your professor will allow you to have access to the ebook during class if there are no electronics allowed in class, this might not be the right option for you. Check with your campus bookstore and online for buying ebooks.

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You are generally not allowed to check out these textbooks and take them home, but if textbook what is an option are available, you can use the book for a few hours at a time in the library. Check with your professor before the semester starts if the textbooks for your class will be available in the library on reserve.

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This is an opportunity to sell your textbooks back to the bookstore for a fraction of what you originally paid usually less than half. The book does not need to be purchased from that particular store originally, nor do you need an original receipt to prove how much you paid check with your school. The amount you get back is determined by the bookstore based on need, edition, and other factors.

Isn't the campus store the most expensive place to buy books? Actually no, when you look at all the factors together, the campus store is actually the best value.