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My paternal grandparents died before the Revolution [2], long before I was born and I know tatiana rovinovskaya trading little of them. They lived in the village of Lobino close to Nevel. There were a lot of Jews in that village with the name of Svoisky. I was given this name in honor of my paternal grandmother.

Grandma kept the household and raised the children. They had five children: my father Isaac, another son called Mendel and three daughters: Golda, Ida and Tsilya. Nothing remained about them in my memory.

My maternal grandparents came from Nevel and lived there all their lives. He finished cheder and was a religious and educated man. He prayed a lot, attended the synagogue regularly and observed all Jewish traditions. Mom told me that he always wore tallit and tefillin when he prayed. He also wore tatiana rovinovskaya trading kippah, he had a beard and moustache and he wore a frock coat during holidays. Mom also told me that Grandpa was a very wise man. His job was not common: he gold-painted Russian Orthodox churches.

He also had a tatiana rovinovskaya trading of his own. A Jewish gold-painter was considered a craftsman; he was hired for fulfilling private orders: gold-painting candlesticks, tatiana rovinovskaya trading frames and other expensive household goods in rich homes.

When such a gold-painting craftsmen team was hired for the restoration of the Nevel convent, the craftsmen received an order to gold-paint the domes of the convent Cathedral.

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Fulfillment of the order required a lot of time — several years — since gold painting is a very thorough and laborious operation. Grandpa died very early, he was a tatiana rovinovskaya trading bit older than He died in his sleep.

Mother told me that she had tried to wake him up but he was dead already. It must have been a heart attack. It happened in the s. I have never seen him in my life. I remember my maternal grandma very well.

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She was born in Nevel in and never left the town. She was as religious as my grandpa, she prayed a lot, attended the synagogue often, kept kosher, observed Sabbath and all Jewish holidays. As children we very often visited her on holidays and thus felt ourselves part of the Jewish community.

Grandma also treated us to very delicious Jewish meals.

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She spoke Russian to us, the tatiana rovinovskaya trading. We knew Yiddish, however, we could not speak it very well, but we could understand everything perfectly. She wore a black lace shawl on holidays. She was a very beautiful woman, but her clothes were always very modest. Grandma lived in a house of her own with three rooms and a large hall. The house had extensions and there was a shed and a vegetable garden near the house.

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Grandma kept a cow and was busy with the household. Peasants from neighboring villages, her acquaintances who knew her for many years, visited her and stayed in the house. There is a big lake in the middle of the town, where young people spent a lot of time in summer, swam in the lake and went boating. A forest with a lot of mushrooms and berries surrounds the town, there are a lot of lakes; it is an area rich tatiana rovinovskaya trading lakes and fish.

There were buy options lot of gardens in the town and a wonderful town park with brass band performances and dancing during the weekend. Merchants arranged deliveries and sales of fish as well as exchange of fish for other goods.

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Up to ten people or even more visited my grandmother at times. This was her occupation — she had her own business, as they call it now. She had a housemaid, a Russian woman, who did all the housework during Sabbath and on Jewish holidays.

My grandparents had four children: Chaim [], my mother Sofia [], Isaih [] and Mendel []. When Grandpa died all children were grownups. Grandma was 70 years old before the war.

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Though she stooped a little bit, she remained very active and lively. The town of Nevel, where our family lived, was small; it had a population of approximately 20 thousand people. It was located on the border with Belarus. Nevel was an international town before the war. People of various nationalities tatiana rovinovskaya trading close to each other: Russians, Jews, Belarusians and Poles.

People lived in friendship and helped each other. There were a lot of Jews in the town. One could hear Yiddish everywhere — in the street, in the marketplace, in stores. There was a single-floor, white-stone synagogue in the town tatiana rovinovskaya trading a Jewish school, which my brother attended.

There was certainly a Jewish community, however, in the s only Orthodox Jews attended it openly — mostly old people. Young Jews became public figures, activists and stepped aside from religion. They did not observe Jewish traditions, since the Soviet regime did not welcome it and propagated atheism [5]. Right before the war both the synagogue and the Jewish school were closed. There were a bristle factory, a canned food plant and a milk factory in town.

A large number of citizens worked at theses enterprises, including the Jewish population. Houses were mostly wooden and one-story. There were several two-story brick buildings only in the center of the town. Electricity was introduced in Nevel only before the war, everybody used oil lamps. There was no water supply system; we had to get water from the well. There were no cars either and we rode horses both in winter and in summer.

All food products were bought at the marketplace, nothing could be purchased in stores at those times. The marketplace was big, food products and hay were sold there; hay was delivered on carts.

Kosher food and meat were sold binary options without real investments this market. There was also a Torgsin store in town [6]. I remember quite clearly how tatiana rovinovskaya trading exchanged a silver cigarette-case for walnuts. There was an amateur Jewish Theater, where plays of Jewish and other writers were staged.

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Actors from other cities came to our town and very often they were Jewish actors, who performed classical plays, translated into Yiddish. A visit of our famous compatriot, pianist Maria Veniaminovna Yudina [], created a real furor. We never missed a performance or concert, trying to be closer to the Jewish culture. This was how Nevel was like during my childhood. He finished cheder and his mother tongue was Yiddish.

He was a very according to the implementation technique, the following types of options are distinguished man. Later he moved to Nevel alone and met his wife to be, my mother, there. Tatiana rovinovskaya trading, after he was wounded he managed to return to Nevel and in he married my mother.

The wedding was with a chuppah, according to Jewish tradition, as my mother told me.

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  • Когда они приблизились к обломкам, в сознании Элвина зародилась мысль, вскоре перешедшая в полную уверенность.

But it was done mostly under the influence of my mom and her parents, who were very religious. Father, as I recall, was not religious, really. She was raised in a religious family that observed all Jewish traditions.

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She finished four grades of a Jewish school; her mother tongue was Yiddish. However, she spoke Russian with us children. When my brother Boris [] was born, he was circumcised. Then three daughters were born: Rosa [], Tatiana [, the interviewee] and Minna [] — everyone in the family called her Minya.

Most of the time my mother worked in day nurseries.

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Public activists were prohibited from going to the synagogue, but Mother sometimes attended it secretly, so that no one would find out. She also took us with her, when we were small.

We celebrated only Soviet holidays at home: 7th November [7], 1st May. We visited our grandma on Jewish holidays. We lived separately from Grandma; we had a three-room apartment in a two-story brick building in the center of the town. We had stove heating. The rooms were furnished very well.

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  7. Хедрон уверенно вел Элвина по коридорам и скатам, сделанным специально для механизмов на колесах, а не для людей.

We had a grand piano, a huge wall-size mirror in a bronze frame, a card-table, arm-chairs and a big table covered with a beautiful Japanese table-cloth. There were statuettes everywhere, the beds were covered with bedspreads and covers, beautifully embroidered by nuns — there was a convent in town where one could buy all these goods.

Pictures and a big tapestry depicting a landscape hung on the walls. Five more Jewish families lived in our house.

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We got on well with them. Mom was a tall, slender woman, she was very energetic and active.

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She could do any work and was a perfect housewife. Everybody loved her. Right before the war she started to work as a matron at the Nevel Municipal Hospital.

My childhood passed in a very warm and benevolent atmosphere. First I attended a kindergarten, then I went to school.

He holds PhD.

The kindergarten was a Jewish-Russian one. The school was turned into a Russian school by that time and was called First General Education School [9]. We all studied well at school, both my sisters and me.

7 Soviet fashion models who were adored worldwide (PHOTOS)

We were excellent pupils. Our praise letters were pinned to the walls at home. I loved literature and read books most of my free time. I also loved amateur art activities, especially singing.

We had very good teachers. The amateur singing club was directed by a wonderful woman, Yevgeniya Yevgeniyevna Yuryevskaya, a representative of an ancient noble family. She also worked as a regular teacher of music at school. Other teachers were also brilliant specialists. Tatiana rovinovskaya trading lot of teachers were Jews.