Employees Have High Hopes for Bonuses This Year

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    The one-time bonus amounts vary. Delivery workers navigate a pandemic, protests and curfews to make ends meet Amazon has seen soaring demand during the pandemic as people stay home and look to its products and services as a lifeline for household essentials.

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    But it has also become the subject of increased scrutiny concerning the workplace conditions of its warehouses, which include fulfillment centers across North America withemployees. The company has also been criticized for not providing enough information about the true impact of the public heath crisis on its workers. There have been at least 10 deaths among its warehouse employees who have tested positive for coronavirus.

    Earlier this month, New York Attorney General Letitia James' office interviewed workers from several Amazon facilities in New York City as part of an investigation into worker concerns over coronavirus-related safety measures.

    Read More The company is also facing a lawsuit over an alleged lack of coronavirus protections at its Staten Island facility. In response to the suit, Amazon said it has taken a variety of steps to prevent the spread of the virus, including making more than "process changes" to its operations to enhance safety. CNN's Brian Fung contributed reporting.

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