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    The concept the fairest options the competition as well as the evaluation of the submitted data sets is discussed. The award was announced in spring Evaluation of submitted data sets was done in two steps: the fairest options rough evaluation based on a FAIR assessment tool and a detailed evaluation considering further criteria.

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    The ARDC FAIR self assessment tool was selected for first evaluation as it provides comprehensive options and results given as weighted answers and in percentages. In total, eight data sets were submitted, which generally were of high quality and fulfilled most FAIR criteria.

    The Gala stream is available here on YouTubemore info here. What's the fairest way to divvy up multiple options amongst a group? There are 6 possible schedules for the year, and her group of 6 students must decide amongst themselves who gets which schedule.

    However, a few data sets lacked information especially related to interoperability and reusability as, for instance, files were only provided in proprietary formats, missed information on the metadata scheme used or applicable licences, and documentation was scarce. Detailed evaluation criteria used to determine the winning data set s included the number of keywords, the degree of detail of file description, format and attributes, availability of different formats as well as openness of license.

    However, complying with FAIR criteria might be challenging. Firstly, different FAIR assessment tools strongly vary in their definition and requirements and secondly, most repositories do not offer publication options that are required e.

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    Hence, it would be a step in the right direction for those repositories to revise their services and options. Moreover, users should make sure repositories are FAIR-compliant before publishing data sets.