Simple Strategies for Newbies

Simple binary options


    Which options to trade?

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    The most suitable options for trading are Pairs, classic Binary, or short-term 60 Sec with maximum expiration time 5 minutes.

    What investment is recommended for every position?

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    Simple binary options is the essence of the strategy? It is to seize the moment of the strongest trend. If you get to know the price direction of a market asset for the nearest time, you can get profit with minimum efforts.

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    You simple binary options open charts sequentially, one by one. You can easily do so in the Verum Option trading platform by clicking the timeframe you need. And to open a selling option, you need to make sure the last candlestick on every chart is red.

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    So why is it true? Because if we see the same trend rising or descending on every timeframe, it means the trend is quite strong, and we can make profit with no substantial risk.

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    The rule of the strategy is: if even on a single chart the last candlestick differs, do not trade. You need to wait until all the 4 candlesticks are of the same color. Let us consider an example.

    In this way, you can profit from trading binary options fast and easy. Rate this post: 15 votes, average: 4.