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Speranza Summary: He has a highly regressive personality and may be impulsive, engaging in acts of compulsive and pleasurable wish-fulfillment. He is secretly a moralist, though he will act to save others even as he judges them. However, his is a personality always on ooo speranza m trading verge of disintegration: he does not have a strongly drawn line between "self" and "other" and is likely to engage in acts of reckless self-disregard.

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Very probably homosexual. The post-secret postcard is here. Work Text: He could, of course, have cracked all their passwords in a heartbeat, but he didn't even need to bother. After the Kthali droid dumped 15 lines of suicide code into Atlantis's programming, Rodney'd had no choice but to override the entire system, and then he'd been in a race against time to get new code up and running before their crucial systems like—oh, air, not to mention power and light and all that, went kablooey.

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It had been the most harrowing seventeen hours of his life since—oh, last week, and when it was over, he had just fallen into bed without logging out or restoring control to Knox, the hapless bastard who manned the OIT help desk. Elizabeth had let him get most of a full night's sleep before radioing him to say, "Rodney, I'm sorry, Dr. Knox can't log on," and Rodney had groaned and rolled over and booted up his laptop.

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It only took a few keystrokes to restore everyone's previous levels of security, to re-subdivide and lock all the partitioned servers and private mailboxes, and Rodney was about to shove the laptop back onto his nightstand when he suddenly realized that he was now the de facto sys-admin of Atlantis, with access to every single computer file, everywhere.

He hesitated, torn between sleeping another couple of hours and— He pulled the laptop over, shoved a pillow behind his back, and began typing furiously. What he found genuinely shocked him.

We evaluated pairings of nine different selection strategies and four acceptance mechanisms and monitored the performance of the first four outstanding pairs in 36 pairs by solving three sets of benchmark instances from the literature. Experimental results show that the proposed approaches outperform most fine-tuned bespoke state-of-the-art approaches in the literature, and PS-AM and AS-AM perform better when compared to the rest of the pairs in terms of obtaining a good trade-off of solution quality and computing time.

He'd been expecting concealed bitchiness, jealousy, vicious slurs, and a general lack of appreciation for the thousand and one things that he did every day—and yes, okay, there was some of that, but everyone seemed to admire him rather more than he had suspected.

Disconcerting, really. He frowned and went to make coffee. When he came back, mug in hand, he sat down at the computer and read through his entire personnel file. It was somehow easier to read the evaluations from Colorado "Smug, arrogant, thinks he's right about everything; a problem person who will dampen team morale; best utilized on solitary projects," than the ones from McMurdo "Most of ooo speranza m trading personnel are depressed by the cold and the isolated setting, but R. McKay is flourishing here—" or Atlantis "Rodney McKay is very possibly the most valuable member of the Atlantis expedition, demonstrating his worth daily, if not hourly," Elizabeth's two-page evaluation began.

Sheppard had just ticked off the various boxes and scrawled, in the space given for "additional comments": "MVP. Rodney skimmed a few letters, then got bored with all the good will and flipped over to Colonel Sheppard's personnel record—and if Elizabeth's file was bubbling with praise and esteem, Sheppard's was a different story entirely.

Mathematics, UT Austin.

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Eerily, the results from all these wildly divergent tests were very nearly the same. John Sheppard was perfectly normal: very bright, slightly antisocial, with strong leadership qualities.

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Lester H. Creighton, chief psychiatrist at Al Dhafra. Regarding J. He is therefore more than capable of manipulating any other test we commonly use to establish a psychological profile; in fact, the incredibly consistentrange of results J.

Having reviewed J. He has a highly regressive personality and may be impulsive, engaging in acts of compulsive and pleasurable wish-fulfillment. He is inwardly-directed, prefers to be alone, and has weak family ties.

This makes him admirably suited for high-risk combat operations.

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  • Sperantsa-M Trading OOO Company Profile - Russia | Financials & Key Executives | EMIS

He himself is already aware of this, and has no doubt volunteered for any number of hazardous actions or suicide missions. Rodney wasn't sure how long he sat there, staring at the screen, before Sheppard's voice reached him. Where the hell are you? If you want to bag out today, that's fine—" "No, no," Rodney said, splashing water on his face. Hold your horses," and then he clicked off and rapidly began to get dressed.

Sheppard was sitting at the table, chin resting on his hand and wearing an ironic ooo speranza m trading, when Rodney came into the briefing room. Elizabeth paused to say, "Good morning, Rodney," and then continued her presentation on M4X Rodney slipped into a chair next to Sheppard, and Sheppard slid a copy of today's briefing memo over to him.

Abstract Background Plant biomass conversion for green chemistry and bio-energy is a current challenge for a modern sustainable bioeconomy. The complex polyaromatic lignin polymers in raw biomass feedstocks i.

They were wrong this time, too. Once on the planet, Rodney detected an energy signature, and they followed it to what looked like an abandoned mineshaft topped by an old-fashioned rope and pulley system.

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Completely uninhabited. Teyla looked curious. Sheppard just looked at him. It's a lot easier for you trading robot on forts pull me up ooo speranza m trading for me to pull you up—" "We could all help," Teyla suggested.


And while I'm all for group discussion—oh, wait: no, I'm not! So this is not up for discussion. I'm going down there. Ronon, grab the rope; Teyla, you're in charge; if something goes wrong, get out of here, fast, and go back to the Stargate.

Any questions? Okay," Sheppard said, and swung out into the air above the mineshaft. Ronon lowered Sheppard down, and they managed to keep radio contact for over twenty minutes while Sheppard explored the underground tunnels. And then, as the wavelength began to crackle with static, Sheppard said, "There's some kind of chamber down here with a heavily shielded door; I'm going in, but I'll be right back.

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Give me five minutes," and then there was radio silence for five, six, and then seven minutes, and Teyla clicked on the radio and said, "Colonel Sheppard, please check in. Colonel Sheppard—" "We should send Ronon down," Rodney said. And then nothing happened, and they just stared at each other helplessly. He's on his way.

Suddenly, they saw the top of Sheppard's head, and Rodney and Teyla bent dangerously over the mineshaft to grab Sheppard under the arms, but Sheppard yelled, "No, get back!

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For ooo speranza m trading moment, Rodney thought, stupidly, that it was a tail, that that thing hanging down from Sheppard's legs thick, black, terrifyingly shiny was a tail, ooo speranza m trading There was a blast, and Rodney turned to see Teyla, eyes narrowed, firing.

He supposed that he ought to try to shoot the—whatever, the thing, the serpent, that's what it was, some giant, smooth-skinned snake, or worm, eight inches in diameter and coiled around Sheppard's leg —himself, but he didn't trust himself to shoot the serpent and not Sheppard's black-canvas-clad thigh. Sheppard's arms were raised above his head, hands gripping the rope, and Rodney could see that he was trying to stay calm, stay still, not ooo speranza m trading or flail so that Teyla could— Teyla shot again, and the thing that was coiled around Sheppard suddenly had a red, bloody hole in it, and it was writhing and Rodney saw what might have been an eye, what might have been a mouth, and then all of a sudden it let go and plummeted back down into the mineshaft.

Rodney suddenly realized that he was close to hyperventilating, and he sat down hard on the forest floor and put his head between his legs. He seemed to be limping. My leg's just numb," he said, and rubbed it.

  1. Ему не хотелось тратить силы ни решение проблем, время которых еще не наступило.

Ronon sat down in the ooo speranza m trading beside them and tilted his head curiously. The rock turned out to be shot through with camarium, an ore that, in its refined state, was highly conductive and consequently used in half the electronics in Atlantis.

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They sent back miners, and Rodney spent most of the next couple of weeks supervising the smelting process and experimenting with circuitry boards.