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Explore the stocks which are under the news due to earnings release, announcements or new business acquisition. Such stocks are published everyday by finance websites like ET and MoneyControl.

Disclaimer — This example is just for illustration and not a stock recommendation. Now you will need to study the price chart of the stock. The above image is an example of a candlestick price chart.

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Candlestick charts are the most popular type of price chart. For every stock, the candlestick chart will be available in the trading account app of your broker. For example, in Zerodha you can open the candlestick chart for any stock by clicking on the chart arrow symbol as shown below and the chart will online earnings 1000 up on the right side.

Check out online earnings 1000 Complete guide on how to read candlesticks for intraday In a candlestick chart, each candle represents the range of prices during a particular time period.

The above chart is a min candlestick chart. So every candle represents online earnings 1000 range of strategy and indicators in a min period. Green Candles represent that the closing price at the end of the time period is higher than the opening price. Red candles represent that the closing price at the end of the time period is lower than the opening price.

If the price goes up and ends up at Rs. In the adjacent image, Point A to B of the red and green candles represents the wick of the candle. The wick of the candle denotes the range of prices at which the stock has traded in that time duration. The highlighted portion green or red is the body of the candle which denotes the opening and closing price.

So, online earnings 1000 lower end of the body is the closing price in a red candle and the upper end of the body is the opening price. Similarly, the lower end of the candle body is the opening price in a green candle and the upper end of the body is the closing price. After reading the charts, you have to form a view about the stock you are planning to trade.

Expert Tip: Every stock would not go up on the news of an acquisition. Depending on your view, you will buy or sell the stock that you want to online earnings 1000. You can trade in equities, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies by following the same basic principles of trading. You need to remember that for intraday trading, you will have to exit the position within the same day. So, even if your view does not turn out to be correct and your trade is in loss, you will have to exit your trade by the end of the trading day.

For example, if you want to buy Reliance futures, you will have the option to buy Reliance Futures of different expiry months. Reliance futures has the lot size is shares. So, if you buy Reliance futures and the price goes up by Rs.

In this case, you can buy Reliance futures for the August expiry. If the price increases by Rs. However, if the price does not go up as expected, you will still have to exit the futures position by the last Thursday of August.

Futures option statistics on last Thursday of expiry month I would suggest that you trade futures with caution because the capital that you will require for futures trading will be at least Rs. However, you can try options trading as you can trade with as little as Rs Options trading has the possibility of earning exponential returns within a day with very little investment.

There are two types of options- calls Bullish and puts Bearish. You will have to pay a price for buying the option and there is a minimum lot size like futures. If the option is trading at Rs. If your view turns out to be correct and the stock price increases, the option price will also increase and you can exit the option and make a profit.

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Upcoming Article: I am writing a detailed article on how to start options trading with Sensibull. If you want to trade options, you online earnings 1000 have to study more about options in detail. If you do not want to spend time studying options, I would suggest that you avoid it and start with only trading stocks.

Swing Trading Swing Trading is to enter a trade with the intention of holding it for a few days. You will not be able to see an Rs. Now, one may form a view that the stock will go up anytime before the deadline, and online earnings 1000 units of BPCL on 5th August. If this view turns out to be right, you may achieve your target profit any time before the deadline date.

Swing trading will also require significantly more online earnings 1000 than intraday trading, as you will have to buy and hold shares or buy futures. For swing trading of options, the capital required will be much lower. Do online earnings 1000 trade against the trend. Do not short a stock which is going up or buy a stock which is going down Do not overtrade.

If you have achieved your target profit for the day, stop trading for the day If you make a loss on a trade, take a break for some time. The loss will affect your judgment and you might end up making more losses. If you start losing your sleep over your trades, you are doing something wrong. Take a step online earnings 1000 and reflect. Trade only on data online earnings 1000 technicals. My friends told me that trading is gambling.

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It is! There is no technical analysis in Gambling, you bet based on your luck. Step 1 — Open a Trading Account and Transfer Funds When you open a trading account, you will be asked for your bank account details that will be linked to the trading account. You will be able to add funds in your trading account only from the bank account that you have linked. Adding funds is a straight-forward process. Once you specify the amount online earnings 1000 want to transfer, you will be redirected to the net banking page of your bank account.

Once you login, you will be able to approve the fund transfer. The funds transferred will appear in your trading account within a few minutes. These stocks are stocks which are expected to move during the day due to any kind of announcement, business acquisition, earning release, or any other news. I will online earnings 1000 explain one of my trades on 14th August, for illustration. There are at least stocks in the news every single day. It is not possible to trade each and every stock.

You have to pick stocks every day, considering the news impact.

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If the news is big, the stock will also move more, giving the opportunity to make a profit. I referred to MoneyControl for picking stocks. Liquid stocks are stocks that are traded in heavy volumes in the market. You can find the volume traded of every stock in your trading app.

Here is the complete YouTube guide that will help you to make money from YouTube.

City Union Bank: Q1 profit at Rs. Redington: Q1 profit at Rs. SpiceJet: July passenger load factor at 70 percent versus 68 percent in June.

July market share at Praj Industries: Q1 loss at Rs. Eicher Motors: Q1 loss at Rs. I picked the following stocks from the list for the below mentioned reasons Indigo — Travel-related stocks were going up in that week, after news of Russia developing COVID medicine.

So positive news could have pushed up the stock price even more. Eicher Motor — Very weak quarterly earnings, could be a good sell opportunity.

This should have a positive impact on the stock price. I did not choose the other stocks because of the following reasons SpiceJet — I did not find the news very impactful.

Also, I did not want to pick more than 1 stock from online earnings 1000 same binary turbo options strategy. I already selected Indigo, so skipped this stock.

Redington — This stock is from the IT industry. IT Stocks have already rallied a lot in the last few days. Praj Industries — Small cap company, I prefer trading mid-cap or large-cap companies as much as possible.

Step 4 — Read Price Charts of Selected Stocks Go through the candlestick price chart of the selected stocks online earnings 1000 understand how the stock has been performing in the past few days. It will give you an idea about the prevailing trend of the stock.

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I read the price charts of all the 3 stocks in my trading app. As per my observation, City Union Bank was trading in a range in the last few days.

It was trading at week online earnings 1000 levels. The last candles are red indicating price has fallen in the last week too. Positive news can drive up the stock prices. Online earnings 1000 Motors has been rallying since May. The last candle is a big red candle which probably means the market is already expecting weak performance in quarterly results.

It made me doubt whether the stock will go up further on this news. Expert Tip: Place small bets so that you lose only a small amount of money even if you lose in the initial days. For City Union Bank, the quarterly earnings were very good and the stock had gone down a bit in the past few days. So I felt that the stock will react very positively to the news. I thought I should wait for some time to enter because there is too much fluctuation in the first mins of market opening.

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After the first 5 mins, the next few candles were red indicating that the price is going down. I decided to enter when there is a green candle. I entered at the end of the first green candle as I expected the price to start going up from here again. I bought the stock at Rs.

14 Realistic Ways To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day Online

I was trading with a margin of Rs. I bought shares, which utilized almost my full margin. Here are online earnings 1000 basic tips that you can follow to identify trading levels Do not place a trade in the first 15 mins of market opening.

Observe the first few candles on a 5-min candlestick chart. If you are planning to buy a stock, enter only after consecutive green candles. If you are planning to buy a stock, buy only when the price is above the moving average line. In a bracket order, you can enter your target price and stop loss.

Your target price will be the price at which your target profit for the trade is achieved.

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All your trades will not be correct. Stop loss means that if the trade goes against you, the price at which you will book a loss and exit the trade. So you will place online earnings 1000 target of Rs. The advantage of placing a bracket order is that you will not have to constantly monitor your trade. If the target or stop-loss price is hit, your trade will be executed automatically.

For my trade, I placed a bracket order of Target Rs. Two hours after the entry, my target order was hit as the stock went up till Rs. My target order of Rs. I achieved over and above my target of Rs.

I decided not to trade for the rest of the day as I did not want to be greedy and risk the profit that I earned that day. Keep your emotions in check when you are trading. Many times, your trade will go wrong and show a loss.