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You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Clinicoin is an open source wellness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people, developers, and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness, and research.

The Clinicoin community covers all corners of health, wellness, healthcare, and research.

Token money

From individuals to organizations, the community benefits anyone who is looking to improve health and wellness, whether for themselves, their company, or humanity at large.

Clinicoin in the Media There are three member types, explained below: Users, Developers, and Providers. USERS Clinicoin rewards users for participating in healthy physical and mindfulness activities, while connecting them to health and wellness information, digital tools, and people to help keep them at their peak performance.

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Earn Be your own cryptocurrency miner by being healthy. Earn tokens by logging healthy activities using the Clinicoin app and through connected third party health tracking apps through a function called Proof of Engagement. Collect even more tokens from providers for taking surveys, completing tasks, or participating in research that improves lives. Exchange CLIN tokens in a decentralized health and wellness marketplace for digital tools, products, and services.

How much do they earn on tokens more about Proof of Engagement.

But, it should. Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing digital assets. Backed by the blockchain and enabled for trading, it effectively offers multiple means for anyone looking to make a good income online.

Learn more about Proof of Engagement Learn Discover the latest trends in health, nutrition, and physical activity. From managing stress, learning the value of good sleep and nutrition, to exploring the science behind healthy behaviors, educate yourself on optimizing your operating system.

Connect Connect securely to providers, wellness teams, and digital health tools. Communicate with people and organizations to get the motivation and encouragement to help you be your best.

By connecting their existing health apps to Clinicoin as proof of engagement Validators, they can earn CLIN tokens when users take part in health and wellness activities using their apps. Learn more about Validators Connect Integrate third party software applications into the Clinicoin platform as ClinApps.

Innovate Innovate in less time with lower costs by creating a ClinApp on the platform. Deploy, test, and collect feedback rapidly with a core base of community users to help you validate your MVP.

Connect Connect with users via healthcare grade encrypted messaging for two-way communications and automated alerts. Leverage HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging to interact with them live on their mobile phones, or deliver a series of messages and surveys to be sent at pre-scheduled times.

Learn more about secure messaging Collect Collect valuable data for research programs and satisfaction scores. Deploy on-the-go surveys, ePRO, or journals to get the information you need in real-time. Send automated friendly reminders to ensure completion of desired actions or tasks.

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Ask for compliance confirmation for protocol requirements such as taking medicines or fulfilling healthcare plan goals. CLIN can then be spent in the marketplace for access to digital health tools, premium content, products, and services.

This choice must be carefully considered not only by the employer, but also by the employee who agrees to be rewarded accordingly. Some fundamental reflections must be made before proceeding in this direction. In fact, while some jurisdictions may prohibit any form of salary that is not paid in legal currency, others may limit the payment in tokens up to a certain amount of the salary or restrict it to bonuses and rewards only. Once the compliance with the applicable national regulations has been verified, the employer will also have to reflect on how to remunerate his or her employees: i payment cryptocurrency or stablecoinii asset-backed or iii utility tokens. At this point, both the employer and the employee will have to inquire about the tax consequences.

The Rewards Engine will integrate with third party apps through the ClinApps system, so users can earn tokens interacting with apps outside of the Clinicoin platform as well.

As Validators, they confirm healthy activities of members who are awarded CLIN tokens from the community rewards pool. Validators also earn tokens for operating these network nodes, while increasing the stickiness of their apps.

IRL Validators IRL Validators can be exercise instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, team coaches, or leaders of any healthy group activity like a running club or meditation group.

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Using Clinicoin, they create activity events which generates QR codes on their smartphone. Everyone who participates in the activity scans the code with their phones to get credit for the healthy activity to earn CLIN tokens.

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Secure Messaging Clinicoin enables you to communicate securely with other users, providers, health organizations, researchers, and digital health tools via encrypted messaging. Instead of downloading a mobile app for every provider or organization, you add them as a how much do they earn on tokens in the address book. You do the same for other users or teams you create.

Health and Wellness Marketplace The marketplace is where Clinicoin members spend their CLIN tokens for access to tools, content, products, and services. To kick-start its usefulness, the marketplace was built with products and services you can get with CLIN from day one, and will be moving towards decentralization, where additional marketplaces can exist as part of the network.

Payment of salary in tokens: truck wages or real opportunity?

A decentralized marketplace is, and always will be, the goal. How It Works After registering and downloading the Clinicoin app, you Participate in healthy activities like running, surfing, meditating, and more, then log those health activities in Clinicoin to earn tokens. Explore new health and wellness activities that can earn you even more tokens.

Exchange tokens in the marketplace for access to healthy products options where is the money services.

About Brave Rewards | Brave Browser

Use the secure messenger to connect with people and organizations to keep you on track with your health and wellness goals.

Build a team to get motivated, encourage your friends, and earn rewards together. Access digital tools to help build the the best version of you! Explore resources and updates about fitness, nutrition, and maintaining your health.

Educate yourself with the newest information about staying healthy and share with others in your network.

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The Platform.