The 5-Minute Trading Strategy

Trading 5 minutes

More 5 minute FOREX trading strategy When trading forex, standard signals and formation will become very unpredictable in lower timeframes. Chart formation that is reliable in 4 hour chart will provide no statistical edge in 5 minutes graph.

Chaotic and volatile nature of this chart can be used in another way.

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Volatility can be employed as a helping factor with great results. This forex strategy works in 5 minutes chart.

EMA 8/20 – 5 minute Strategy for Options

It can be also learned in under 5 minutes. It also takes the same time to set the Virtuosity A expert advisor to trade it automatically. We we decide trading direction and we will use averaging for scalping purposes.

trading 5 minutes

While not looking for perfect entry point, averaging ensures that we get better overall price for our entry. MACD histogram is used to define current trend and make sure that momentum is growing. Bollinger bands tunnel is also employed to gauge immediate price momentum. If Initial entry fails, it will be averaged max 5 trades.

trading 5 minutes

Aggression is increase on consecutive averaging trades 0,01 lot x 1,3,5,7,9. As a result the price correction necessary for successfully closing the trading 5 minutes in profit gets more narrow. This trading robot developed by our team can be used for testing, optimization and trading of this forex strategy and many more on any currency pair and any timeframe.

Using the Virtuosity A expert advisor it can be optimized for any pair and any timeframe. Momentum must be confirmed by histogram bar growing in the direction of this trend. Bollinger Bands filter period 20, deviation 1 : Price must close above BB tunnel for long entry. Below BB tunnel for short entry.

Immediate momentum signal. Positions: We open up to five positions. Averaging logic is used on each consecutive trade if trade exists. Distance between trades is set to points 10 pips. We increase the leverage on consecutive trades in this trading 5 minutes 5 minutes trading forex strategy: 0,01 lot x 1,3,5,7,9 in EA set the increase factor to 2.

Target profit: Target profit is 0,5 USD for each 0,01 of lot size used.

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It is trading 5 minutes multiplied by the number of currently opened trades 1 trading 5 minutes 5. Closing of losing trading 5 minutes We close all existing trades at equity loss greater than 60 USD per 0. Momentum signal is applied only for the initial trade. Last histogram bar closed below previous histogram bar. Trend momentum confirmed. Price closing below BB tunnel - immediate momentum confirmed.

trading 5 minutes

We enter the trade short. If price moves against our initial entry we average the existing trade according to averaging logic max 5 trades, increase lot size by increase factor of 2, BB and MACD momentum is not considered when opening averaging trades. Target profit: All existing position are closed in proportional profit number of trade multiplied by the target profit of 0,5 USD per 0,01 of lot. Last histogram bar closed above previous histogram bar.

How to Trade with 5 Minute Charts – Learn the Setups

Price closing above BB tunnel - immediate momentum confirmed. We enter the trade long. To win you must trade with broker on your side.

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  • Scalping is a special type of trading strategy that helps the trader to make significant profits on minor price changes.

Disclaimer: Expert advisor was tested for profitability on historical data. All screen shots provided are displaying real results of the test.

However past data will never guarantee future success. Every expert advisor needs to be tested properly on demo account.