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Stradivari option, Stradivari und Amati – who was Antonios teacher?

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Credit: A. For decades, scientists scrutinizing violins made by the famous instrument maker Antonio Stradivari have proposed that the instruments' extraordinary sound may have come from special chemicals used in the varnish or as a base layer.

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But now a five-year study on five Stradivari violins at the Museum of Music in Paris—the largest Stradivari study to date—finds that the varnish used by the instrument maker was composed Stradivari option widely available mundane oils, pigments, and resins. The work challenges established ideas that Stradivari violin varnishes held unusual music-making additives and reopens the mystery of how exactly the Stradivari instruments achieve such a superior sound. Credit: J.

Demonstration of Stradivari, Amati and Vuillaume violins from Florian Leonhard

A person team led by Jean-Philippe Echard, a conservation chemist at the Museum of Music, used a combination of micro-Raman, micro-Fourier transform infrared, and X-ray spectroscopies to tease out the microchemical composition of five violins that span 30 years of Stradivari's career in the late s and early s Angew.

The team found that Stradivari laid down a layer of linseed oil, similar to that used by artists of the Stradivari option, to seal the wood, followed by an oil resin that contained red iron oxide and other common Stradivari option pigments, also used by artists of that era.

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