How much money do advertisers make?

How much can you earn on the website


    It may have been the very first question you asked yourself when deciding whether or not to add online advertising to your site.

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    If you tried to ask the internet though we expect you were frustrated. Which is why we did some research for you.

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    Why this is only an estimate. If your site is well made, and covering a popular topic with rich advertisers such as gambling you could make loads of money.

    If your site is poorly made about a topic that few advertisers can succeed by advertising on such as religion or politicsyou will likely never make much money at all. On top of this, ad networks like to keep revenue figures to themselves.

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    While there is lots of data out there about how much it costs to buy adsthere is precious little about how much money you can make. It is only an estimated average, however.

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    You likely have the basics of your site setup done correctly. You should not obsess over this benchmark, however — you should always seek to improve on how your site is actually doing.

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    Once you have your own benchmark, then try and improve on it! By comparing your site to its own past performance you will be able to improve in a logical way.

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