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July 15th Artistic expression is deeply personal work, but you can still monetize it on YouTube. Artistic creation, such as painting, knitting, and card making, has been an unpaid hobby for millions of people over the years.

Now, onto the guide. If not, you should probably run through it a few times to make yourself as knowledgeable as possible. I also suggest looking around on forums and blogs to see what problems people are having commonly and the types of questions that they are asking. But I tried this and was met with unacceptably low-quality video.

But today, many expert crafters and artists are internet earnings video tutorials their skills to start lucrative businesses, such as paint and sip companies and shops that sell decorative home goods. However, this is only the beginning when it comes to diversifying your income as an artist.

Once you have a business, taking it to the internet is the next logical step. This is a crucial decision that opens a world of e-commerce perks, such as online selling, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships.

Of all the platforms you could use to make this transition, YouTube is undoubtedly the best.

Marketing Ideas and Tips Any hobbyist can produce videos and upload them on YouTube to share with the world.

The video-sharing platform allows you to connect with like-minded viewers, such as people who want to be better artists. And whenever these viewers watch your videos, you can make money through AdSense revenue. But to reach this milestone, you have to understand the YouTube space and what it means to be a creator. You have to learn what worked for successful YouTubers, how to monetize a YouTube channeland much more.

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Nature is her muse, and viewers can watch step-by-step tutorials for painting various outdoor wonders, from cliffside lighthouses to desert sunsets. However, all of these amazing tutorials were pre-recorded until three months ago.

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In addition to AdSense revenue, Internet earnings video tutorials has four more income streams attached to the tutorial above: affiliate links, a video sponsor, a Patreon subscription link, and a link to buy her custom paint brushes. In just one video, that amounts to five money-making opportunities.

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In that area, she shares a link to her website, which is where all of her affiliate links are housed. When customers use those links to purchase art supplies, Jane earns a commission. Her Patreon is also listed to encourage a more consistent steam of income.

Her last two income streams brand partnership and product line may take a while for new creators to achieve.

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After all, Jane has been internet earnings video tutorials Binary options on the Cyprus platform since and currently has K subscribers. Jennifer, who is a stamping enthusiast and crafting instructor, uploads videos about how to make handmade greeting cards. Jennifer has monetized her channel, so she does earn AdSense revenue from her videos.

That certainly helps to expand her income, as she shares tons of free tips and tricks about card making each week.

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But what if you, as a crafting creator, wanted to make even more money? For example, in the video below, Jennifer shares general time-saving hacks for two cardmaking processes: die-cutting and stamping. That video is a general overview of quick tips. There are courses on color theory for card designers, how to make watercolor designs, and the art of crafting holiday cards.

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In that same section, Jennifer even shares affiliate links to purchase the tools and materials used in her videos. Her channel of K subscribers is filled with step-by-step tutorials on popular stitching patterns, such as the double waffle, the granny square, and the spider stitch.

In one such video below Sarah-Jayne focuses on the double waffle technique.

Prank Videos Parodies As a marketer, any of the categories mentioned above can come in handy. They simply pick their favorite niche and give everything in their power to produce quality content. There are plenty of other YouTube channel ideas out there. Find your comfort zone and start working on your content strategy. First of all, you must create videos that are worth sharing.

The first is a monthly subscription box of knitting supplies. Not a bad way to expand your money pool as a creator, especially if you can get multiple sign-ups. Sarah-Jayne also sells a how-to-crochet ebook and various knitted creations, such as hats, blankets, cushions, and scarves.

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And below her videos, there are affiliate links for viewers to purchase the stitching supplies used in each tutorial. Across the web, there a plenty of ways to supplement your income using your crafting knowledge and expertise, such as: Leading an online workshop Licensing your photographic art on Shutterstock, Getty, etc.

Starting an arts and crafts blog with advertisements Giving private art instruction via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. Seeking original commissions paintings, knit creations, etc. As you can see, the opportunities for artists are bountiful.

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Start by creating a YouTube channel to grow your audience, then reap the internet earnings video tutorials benefits of video creation! If you want to get more insights into YouTube then make sure to download vidIQ.

Over 1 million creators use vidIQ to help with keyword and competitor research, channel audits, and so much more.

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Click here to install now for free! Learn how to launch a successful YouTube Channel in just 30 days. When she goes outside, a bicycle goes with her. Related Posts.