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Here, we will focus on the considerable number of questions on the Series 7 exam that test the candidates on strategies involving both options contracts options problems stock positions.

Key Takeaways Although options contracts questions in the Series 7 exam are numerous, their scope is limited, especially when used in combination with stock positions. The steps detailed in this article can be helpful in achieving passing scores. Practicing as many options questions as possible can dramatically increase the chances of exam success. Solving "Mixed" Options Strategy Problems The first strategy to use in solving these questions is deceptively simple: Read the questions carefully to determine the options problems primary objective: If the question indicates that a customer needs to protect a stock position, then he or she must buy an options problems contract for protection.

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If the customer is combining options with stock positions to create income, he or she must sell an options contract to produce the income. As with the majority of options questions on the Series 7 exam, the scope of the questions is limited to maximum gain, maximum loss, and breakeven level.

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Don't take a chance by trying to keep track of the money flow in your head. The Series 7 exam is quite stressful for most people, so just write it down.

A special note: In any strategy that combines stock with options, the stock position takes precedence.

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This is because options contracts expire - stocks do not. Protecting Stock Positions: Hedging Let's begin with hedging options problems.

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We will look at long hedges and short hedges. In each case, the name of the hedge indicates the underlying stock position.

Commentary Common pitfalls for new options traders When it comes to options trading, education and awareness are important for establishing a strong foundation.

The options contract is a temporary form of insurance to protect the investor's options problems position against adverse movements in the market. If the market in a stock turns down, the investor with the long stock position loses.

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Remember: Internet income is passive an investor needs to protect a stock position with options the investor must buy the contract like an insurance contract and pay a premium. Puts go in-the-money become exercisable when the stock's market price falls below the strike price.

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The put is an insurance policy for the investor against a drop in the market. Let's look at a few sample questions that illustrate one of the many approaches the exam may take to this subject.

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For these examples, we'll be changing only the multiple choice options that could be provided for the same question. The investor is confident that the stock is a good long-term investment with additional upside potential but is concerned about a near-term weakness in the overall market that could wipe out his unrealized gains.

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Which of the following strategies would probably be the best recommendation options problems this customer? Sell calls on the stock Options problems. Buy calls on the stock C.

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Sell puts on the stock D. Buy puts on the stock Answer: D.

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Explanation: This is a basic strategy question. The customer wishes to fix, or set, his selling price for the stock. When he buys puts on the stock, the selling or delivery price for the stock is the strike price of the put until expiration.

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The long stock position is bullish, so to counter a downward movement, the investor purchases puts. Long puts are bearish.

However, there is a learning curve you must go through first. That said, many traders who try options fail. Furthermore, I want to share with you some tips that have helped me become a bonafide options millionaire, and share with you four of the most common problems that I see options traders face.

Buy XYZ 50 puts.