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Advanced Gaming is, back again, getting things ready to provide our loyal players with what we do best: next level scripts with a nice balance between realism and fun in each and every script. With at least 10 years of experience on the MTA platform and countless sleepless nights, we present to you: A role-play script written from scratch!

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  • Always play Missions in co-op with other team members.
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If you remember us from back inhi there! Now that we're back we're more than ready to finally put full dedication into this project and bring you guys a brand new twist into the MTA:SA Roleplay scene with a brand new script with some never before seen features, so without further ado let's go on with what we have to offer!

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Features Since a role-play gamemode requires constant changes, new features and removal of features After hours and hours of study and at least 4 years of experience we've made a perfect balance between the game's engine and physics system to carefully recreate real-life vehicle models in-game regarding handlings which includes top speeds, accelerations, realistic fuel tank capacities and consumptions.

Balanced Economy: Our economy has been built in a way to promote player to player interaction.

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How so? Simple, you can forget about getting rich by doing the default jobs, if you want to get yourself some more cash then you're simply going to have to join one of many player ran companies or perhaps even go down the dark path and join a gang?

That's up to you, we won't tell anyone and especially not the cops!

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Jobs and companies, how do they work? The default jobs have been made useful for new players deliveries from our very own storage units, a government funded bus or a taxi driver but the real fun starts with real people, in real companies.

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  • I cannot paste the source link of this guide since it will look like advertising another community but the credits go to someone called Yuuta.
  • This list of tips will help you get ahead of the curve and dominate the field.
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  • Share Your Money can be found by accessing your menu and or inventory.

Everyone is fair and square as a new player on our server, no advantages how to make a lot of money with advance rp no labels. Items and products: From snacks to meals, from coca-cola cans to glasses of wine, property keys to theory certificates.

Focus on Adversary Modes

We've got it all built in with effect, if any. Users are able to purchase some items, other items have to be earned. You'll get a theory certificate after completing your theory for a driving license, a receipt after purchasing something or an empty can after drinking your coca cola.

Guns will be distributed passively, drugs will be taken care of and additional income ways before distribution….

Spin the Lucky Wheel in the Casino

In the trash bin! Attention to detail in every script, want to get rid of the annoying receipt you recieved from the store and don't even need it? Simply throw it into one of the many trash bins present around town and let the garbage collectors take care of your junk for you! So are we, which we why we've given the department normal vehicles with fitting handlings which decreases their advantage, increases the experience of both roleplaying as well as the thrill of being a criminal or officer.

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They're forced to think tactically and plan their actions, their equipment is distributed on a monitored basis to only the higher ranks in the department where we see fit. Giving the illegal roleplay scene space to grow and feel alive And much more!

Check out these tips to getting the most out of your time in Los Santos' multiplayer playground Comments Shares Knowing how to level up fast in GTA Online means finding the quickest ways possible to collect reputation points RPas they are the cornerstone of the levelling system that determines your standing in Rockstar's online world. Your player rank in GTA Online is particularly important and much more than a status symbol, as it also dictates what vehicles and weapons you can get hold of, the abilities available to you, which missions you can undertake, and more. The further you level up in GTA Online, the better the equipment at your disposal — this tops out for weapons with the minigun at rankand abilities with being able to store 10 body armour in your inventory at rank

We got more! Two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number We have a tight schedule of daily bugfixes, weekly updates and weekly announcements regarding progress.

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Want to see what we're made of? Check us out.

Advance RP l Russian Mafia. Part 1.

Note: This is still Work in Progress, final product may look different! DMV System.

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