18 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

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You crave security, don't you?

The world around you seems ready to topple every minute of every day. You don't even know who or what will cause the toppling. It could be a Russian leader or a drug-addled banker.

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Or a drug-addled Russian banker. You went to college in the belief that going to parties and drinking vast quantities of beer would make you a more valuable commodity in the business sphere. You believed this would guarantee you a certain lifestyle -- at least a decent sedan and a home you could call your own one day near retirement. But then computers came along and the business world became a place that didn't have such a great need for fine beer drinkers.

Or even for people, come to think of it. If only you hadn't studied sociology. If only you'd gone for something more rational, like becoming a vet or a actuary. Life is always about knowing now what you wish you'd known then. The Economist, however, wants to help.

18 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Well, actually it wanted to put together a list of colleges, ranking them according to earnings potential. When it created the list, it didn't include vocational colleges because they're not normally for long-term studies, and it's not the same sort of competition as between the seemingly endless numbers of so-called universities around America. Still, in presenting its findings -- which are based on I make very good money data and naturally flawed in some ways -- the Economist offered one very healthy paragraph.

They were the colleges of pharmacy in Albany, St. Louis and Massachusetts. Yes, it seems that if you make sure that the public is served with the right drugs in the right quantities per their prescriptions, you can live a fairly pleasant, even munificent lesbian trading soon after leaving school.

The Economist put it like this: "Filling prescriptions behind a drug-store counter is perhaps the safest route to the upper middle class in America today. This suggests that many more than one might suspect really may really be trying to save the world.

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Pharmacy schools tend, the Economist says, to have fairly open doors for most incomers. Perhaps, then, they are extremely effective educators.

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Maritime schools are also apparently sturdy emitters of those who are soon earning quite well. The problem I make very good money the American college system is, of course, that so many go in the hope that spending a lot on education will guarantee them a certain lifestyle fairly quickly. What it often guarantees them is a certain debt-level that is impossible to shake after many years.

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The costs of some universities -- which can be north of six figures -- aren't necessarily proportionate either to the success level I make very good money their students or to the quality of the actual teaching. The figures that the Economist used may have little relationship with ultimate earnings levels.

They only cover the 10 years after someone enters college.

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But that's the thing with personal decisions. Are you intent on earning as much as possible as quickly as possible? In which case, do you have my steroids prescription ready?

23 Ways to Make Money as a Teen

It could be that you see your earnings potential growing exponentially in a field that doesn't pay much at the beginning. Education, for example. There's a third possibility. This would involve money not being too important to you.

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There are people who simply want to do what they want to do. They might complain that it doesn't pay enough. They might worry that their finances will be under severe strain for 15 years or more. But in the end, time is short, they love their jobs and any amount of prediction is often futile.

Some people leave college knowing the path they'd like their life to take.

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That seems a touch dull to me. Life does things to you, you know.

Looking for ways you can make money right now? If things are tight and your back is up against the wall, there's a path forward. In fact, there are many. Especially when it comes to generating that income online. The best part?

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