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The defendant is a former client from over a decade ago and purchased a tax plan and compliance. There are many lessons learned in this experience. Want to learn the verdict?

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The takeaways? Join us as we discuss the significant mistakes tax pros make with businesses and more importantly, how to avoid them. Learn the 5 simple steps you can take in your practice to double your bottom line by the end of the year!

Many popular strategies get passed through the grapevine and are misunderstood or expired.

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Planning for how to shift ownership of the business also offers tax if trend line and liability protection to the owner during his lifetime. One of the more difficult areas of tax planning is planning for partnerships and LLCs. Changes to the partnership owners as well as distribution of property to the owners can trigger tax — and a lot of it!

To help you accomplish this goal, I created a tool to assist you in your conversations with clients and prospects. The talking tool aids the salesperson in better describing the problem and solutions additional income in the office customers using illustrations and subliminal messaging.

If for some reason you cannot attend live, please schedule some time on your calendar to review the recording. This is one class you do not want to miss! Not much can go wrong. Would you believe it may cost your client additional tax?

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Generally, transferring property into a corporation in exchange for its stock is a taxable event. The transaction is treated as if you sold property to the corporation in return for cash.

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The difference between the stock value received and the tax basis in the property transferred to the corporation will result in a gain or loss. However, there is an opportunity under Section — a valuable loophole which can even provide a way to remove appreciated property from certain entities.

What is a side job?

Join us as we look at the pitfalls and opportunities from this valuable strategy and open new possibilities for your clients. Does this describe your reaction when you think of Reasonable Compensation? This phobia is easily overcome by understanding the law, important court cases and the best way to defend your position.

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Join us as we review the advantages of distributions from S corps over salary, IRS authority to re-characterize distributions as wages and guidelines for how to help your clients determine their appropriate level of pay.

Simply enter the tax data, enter the tax effects of how to make money students ideas, and instantly run side by side comparisons of how your ideas impact tax rates and liabilities.

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Sharpen your skills in tax return evaluation, calculate savings, and communicate your value. What if you created a target market based on qualifying businesses in these areas; can you imagine the possibilities of attracting new premium fee business using the thousands in savings created by tax credits?

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With the recent IRS Revenue Procedure many tax accountants are left feeling confused and fearful of Circular ramifications for non-compliance.

Come set your fear aside and learn what you need to know: how to implement these rules. Determine whether you need new annual elections, or and how to calculate the dreaded adjustments.

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These changes are effective for — so get what you need to be sure you are filing correctly this tax season! Learn about the difference between capitalized costs and deductible repairs. Analyze how the new repair regulations will be additional income in the office on the California income tax return. Understand when the change is made by an annual election versus a change of accounting method and the Filing of a Form Do you put your ideal business on the back burner through tax season?

BUT you CAN manage the conflict while getting through this busy time of year and set yourself up to get back on track after April 15th.

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