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    Last Name It is important for the trader strategy with super signal indicator adhere to the rules of this system for it to be of benefit to them in realizing steady growth strategy with super signal indicator their portfolios - especially for the mere fact that it uses repainting indicators which makes back testing a bit tricky. However, so long traders abide to the rules applicable tot this strategy then they will not have much to worry about.

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    As already mentioned it uses the Super Signals Channel indicator and the ArZZx2 indicator, furthermore there are three other indicator included in this system - the Awesome Oscillator indicator, the Parabolic SAR indicator and the Goldminer 2 indicator. The rules for buying and selling are fairly simple to comprehend so for a buy signal the Super Signal Channel must show a blue arrow, the ArZZx2 indicator must show a green arrow from a support zone, the Parabolic SAR must be below the current price with the Awesome oscillator bars in blue and the bars of the Goldminer 2 must also be blue.

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    For the sell trade setup which works in a similar but opposite fashion - the Super Signals Channel must show a red arrow, the ArZZxx2 indicator must show a red arrow at a resistance zone, then the Parabolic SAR must be above the price and then both the bars of the Awesome Oscillator and the Goldminer 2 indincators must be in red.

    Those are all the set entry rules which need to converge for a valid signal - the exit rules are simple too.

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    The parabolic SAR must change in direction for the trader to quickly take profit - then the stop losses should be set at-least three pips above or below the channel - this is all dependent on the nature of the signal.