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Subtleties of trading on the news binary options

April 25, September 21, Forex Binary Options… the latest trend in the financial industry — a completely new way to make money from currency movements. Binary options are not to be mistaken subtleties of trading on the news binary options normal options contracts, which are a completely different thing.

They are actually a very clever and a very interesting way to speculate on the market — I even like some of the formats available.

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You can have contracts that last as short as 60 seconds, right up to ones that last for a day. Checkpoint Binary options are a very unique way to speculate on the market and invite interesting, unique trading strategies.

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I beat on a lot of scalping, high frequency trading systems mainly because they use negative geared risk reward money management. But the kicker is, they apply an admin charge for setting up the deal, which they will take from your earnings — forcing the setup back into the negative risk reward danger zone.

The harsh reality here is you are statistically going to lose your money with binary options.

Checkpoint All binary option contracts are geared to make sure the broker wins everytime. You must keep your win rate high otherwise the losses overpower the winnings.

subtleties of trading on the news binary options according to the implementation technique, the following types of options are distinguished

When we trade the SPOT market, we actually are physically getting involved by owning and converting global currencies. As tiny as our trades may be in the larger scheme of the overall Forex market — our trades will still have some sort of effect on the currency price.

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Binary option contracts are really just pieces of paper, metaphorically speaking. Your binary contract will not contribute to market movement what so ever. The house always wins. Spot Forex trading can be compared earnings on an option without investment pokerwhere players compete with one another.

Binary options can be compared to blackjack.

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Like the casino, the binary options broker wants you to lose. The objective for them is to take all of your capital. We all know blackjack is very lucrative for casinos, and binary options are very lucrative for these brokers. The binary options market is a highly unregulated one. Check it out for yourself. The whole point of having a regulating body is so you know a trusted government has your back if something goes wrong.

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The other sad thing is, there were only star reviews, no one had anything positive to say. It looks like no one had a pleasant experience even with the most popular binary sites. Forex binary brokers are notorious for making it as hard as possible to withdraw funds — sometimes just out right refusing to do it.

These guys know that, they are in the business ultimately to get your money and keep it, one way or another.

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Here are a few black hat techniques these guys use to shake you out. If a contract is about to expire in the money, only just by a few points — the broker can manipulate the feed so price appears to close out of money. They try to do this subtlety, but the people are smarter than these brokers think, we get suspicious quickly and started doing checks.

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Unsurprisingly, traders discovered they were getting screwed over. But keeping on point here — the broker knows how to set contracts up that work for them statistically. Lets say you sign up and are doing well. It makes it harder and harder for you to win. Once you lose a lot of money the broker will then start to give you back the normal price feeds and higher payout contracts to play psychological games with you and bait you into spending more money.

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Checkpoint Because of the unregulated nature of these brokers, they are free to manipulate your price feed without consequence. So most of the people promoting it are just site owners looking to make a quick buck off your misfortune. Keep away from the binary sharks! Good luck on the charts.

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