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Electronic trading platforms


    Electronic Trading Platform directory While some degree of electronic venue-based trading has existed in the bond markets for more than two decades, the past five-to-ten years has seen rapid growth in both the range and uptake of e-trading platforms and protocols.

    The main driver of this has been the efficiency gains that come with technological enhancements and automation, whether in seeking quotes, executing trades, or processing settlement.

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    As liquidity in fixed income secondary markets has come under ever-increasing pressure, with market-makers less able or willing to support immediacy, many are looking to both established and new venues as a means to source liquidity, connecting with a wider range of market participants, and finding new ways to locate and interact with quotes and axes.

    Increasing transparency and expanding access can not only support more efficient price formation, but these electronic trading platforms also increasingly important considerations in underpinning best execution.

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    Moving the pre- electronic trading platforms post-trade elements of the transaction cycle onto a platform can facilitate the automation of regulatory reporting requirements, while also enhancing proprietary data capture. As technology continues to advance, and as new innovators sense opportunities, we can only expect this ongoing digitalization and automation of the bond market ecosphere to continue.

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    This centralised database of venues, solutions, and protocols would be provided as a unique and freely available resource to market participants and stakeholders.

    ETP providers that are not featured are encouraged to reach out in order to have their offering included in the next update.

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