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Education requirements: You need to complete a specialized training program to become a life coach.

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You can choose specializations like business or general wellness to help serve your clients' best interests. Some jobs may require the welder to be at sea for 30 days.

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Education requirements: A high school diploma and GED is required, along with two to five years of experience with welding on land. You also need to pass the physical exam for dive school and earn your certification in welding and commercial diving. This certification process can take five to 18 months to complete.

Education requirements: You don't need formal education for this occupation, but a high school diploma or GED is recommended. Education requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in English, Communications or Journalism meets the requirement to become a political speechwriter.

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Tattoos have different meanings for each customer, so the artist needs to create designs that appeal to their target audience. Education requirements: You don't need formal education for this occupation, but it's recommended that you complete an apprenticeship program to gain the necessary skills for this role.

Massages can also help clients relax regularly, heal the injuries they suffered and help your immune system.

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Education requirements: Massage therapists need to have a certification through a massage school, and it can be obtained after you complete hours of classes. They work with different clients to meet their design needs for their home and workspace if applicable.

Education requirements: Interior designers usually need a bachelor's degree.

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Firms may want you to get a state license in interior design, but it's not a requirement. They work with air traffic controllers to navigate through air traffic and communicate with passengers about their flight status.

Education requirements: You can either get experience in the military or receive a bachelor's degree and get certified through the Federal Aviation Earnings on the Internet 2020 payment every hour FAA flight school.

They also check their vital signs to ensure the binary option chart body is healthy.

They're considered doctors, have an M. They mainly focus on aligning their teeth and jaw and may have patients wear dental equipment like braces or expanders to assist with this process.

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They also give tips on dental hygiene and potential overcrowding of teeth in children's mouths. Education requirements: Earn a bachelor's degree in a science-related discipline, then attend dental school for three years and complete an orthodontic residency after that.

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It may take 10 years to fully finish your education as orthodontists have to pass a written exam through the American Board of Orthodontics before you can practice.