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Could Angels land a hard-hitting catcher?

Sponsored The NBA offseason will news latest trade a sprint, and the starting gun just sounded. The NBA lifted its moratorium on trades Monday at 12 p.

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Players report to training camp just over two weeks from now on Dec. All times Eastern.

Art Warren on the move again … this time to the Reds

Wednesday, Nov. Sources: Dallas is sending Seth Curry in trade to 76ers.

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Shamet was in discussions for a bigger deal with the Celtics days ago, according to sources — Vincent Goodwill VinceGoodwill November 19, p. Minnesota is acquiring Oklahoma City's Ricky Rubio, the 25th and 28th picks for a package that includes the No. Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald writes that there's a sense he won't be traded on Draft night.

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There's a creeping sense on Causeway Street that Gordon Hayward doesn't get traded tonight. Houston is trading Trevor Ariza and the No.

NBA trade rules

The deal gives the Rockets - a hard-capped team -- the freedom to use their mid-level exception in free agency. Well, there might not be a trade after all, per Sam Amick of The Athletic.

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Not unusual for this time of day, but all quiet on the Celtics trade front right now. There is a growing belief among rival teams that Atlanta news latest trade be in pole position for Danilo Gallinari and Rajon Rondo when free agency begins later this week, league sources say As NYTSports reported on Oct.

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The Cavs and Knicks have discussed trading the No. For reference, the Pelicans and Hawks swapped 4 for 8, 17 and 35, among other pieces, in a draft-day deal last year.

The report adds that the Knicks have their eyes on Obi Toppin. The injury is considered minor, will require weeks of rest and is not expected to impact his draft stock or availability for the start of the season.

  • NBA trade news NBA trade rules For a trade to be made, the size of the exchanged contracts have to be within 15 percent of each other plus k.
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Per source, Atlanta Hawks plan to keep 6. Obviously any surprise late offers could change that but as of now sounds like ATL comfortable staying put.

NBA trade deadline

Moving up four spots to No. The Celtics keep searching for trade pathways to get into the top three of news latest trade NBA Draft, league sources say. The Rockets are playing hardball with their superstars and are adamant they won't trade either player for anything less than their asking price, ESPN's Tim MacMahon reported Tuesday night.

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Houston's asking price for Harden, according to MacMahon, is "a proven, young star as a centerpiece along with a massive picks package. Hearing tonight the Celtics are mostly in a holding pattern with Hayward. Per league source on the Celtics' view of a potential James Harden deal: "No interest.

No traction yet, Rockets are seeking more assets.

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They are trying to flip Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward for picks and young assets that would appeal to Houston, frantically.

ScoopB November 17, p. He could possibly get the mid-level from LAC. It's a lot.

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Here is the pick breakdown on the Jrue Holiday trade: New Orleans receives.